July 24, 2017 · In The News

Women in Crowdfunding, Saving the Arts and More News


Yet another study has come out about women having a 32% higher success rate than men when it comes to crowdfunding. Turns out that when bias is removed from the funding equation, people contribute to the most inclusive and positive language, which is usually written by women. This article also makes an interesting point that people often assume that women will be more conservative and responsible when spending money on scaling their businesses, which is more encouraging for backers/investors.


Because we are a confused technology-obsessed society, there are always new gadgets coming out that are meant to look like old ones. A prime example is the very attractive AZIO, which is supposed to look like a computer and a typewriter mated to create the mule of keyboards, except not smelly or hairy.
As the daughter of a teacher, I can’t help but imagine how distracting fidget spinners are for everyone except the user. I don’t really think there is any solution to the visual part of the problem, but at least there is Orbiter, which doesn’t make noise and isn’t a crazy color. It’s also a “fidget device” which sounds extremely grownup and technological.

Though many children dream of becoming astronauts, it’s actually much harder than becoming a firefighter, teacher, doctor, or lawyer. Getting into NASA is a BFD. Instead of giving up on your childhood space exploration dreams, look no further than the AstroReality LUNAR. With it’s lifelike model and companion app, you can crawl around on the moon with just the tap tap taps of your swiping fingers. You can’t, however, find out once and for all if it really is made of cheese. If it were, I’d eat it.
If you’re a reporter, or if you’re a spy, you may have experienced some frustration trying to record phone calls. Of course, there is a little gadget on Indiegogo that plugs right into your iPhone so you can start recording the minute your conversation begins. It’s useful in so many situations. Blackmail, divorce hearings, run-of-the-mill spousal disagreements… You name it, Call Recorder can help.


Every time you walk by the old SF Mint you’re probably surprised how nice it is. Now there is a campaign to turn it into a monthly night market. The organizers want the SF Creative Night Market to be free, so that anyone in the neighborhood can enjoy the music, food, and other cultural events. It will draw specifically from the Filippino community in San Francisco, and will funnel some of the more promising businesses into an accelerator program.
All fans of local music have their favorite tiny DIY music venues, usually equipped with an extremely dingy couch. These fans are also probably familiar with the heartbreak of seeing those venues close. LA’s Non Plus Ultra started as just a place for people to ~chill~ and be creative, but quickly became a go-to performance space for fun new bands. After the tragic Ghost Ship fire in Oakland it was shut down, and is now running a campaign to either find a new location, or make their original location compliant with The Man’s Rules.

Where are they now?

We’ve all been guilty of ignoring our parents when we were 13 and standing next to the speakers at concerts with no gosh darn earplugs. Fortunately, I can pretend to preserve my youthfully sharp senses with Nuheara, not a hearing aid, but “super intelligent wireless earbuds”. They were originally created so that you could be in situations with lots of ambient noise, but still hear the person you were having a conversation with. Thanks to the $9M in investment they just raised, they are looking to continue to make it a more affordable hearing aid so that people don’t spend the average 10 years yelling “WHAT?!” at their loved ones.

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