July 30, 2017 · Products

48 Hours Only! Flash Sale On These Hot Marketplace Products


Our famous Marketplace flash sale is back with more products than ever – but this time they’re only on sale for 48 hours! Whether you’re looking to have the smart home of your dreams or just want to up your travel game, these unique and innovative products are up to 60% off until Wednesday morning.

New and Innovative

1) Spacepot Hydroponics System

What: Enjoy farm-fresh herbs in your home, this is hydroponics beautifully simplified.

The Deal: 50% off to start growing your own delicious herbs.


2) PangeaBed Copper Queen Mattress

What: A cleaner and cooler mattress designed to give you your best night’s sleep.

The Deal: At 17% off the team is not only offering free shipping  but also $150 off a queen sized mattress.


3) The Morning Sidekick Journal

What: Harvard Business School gives students this journal to skyrocket their willpower, discipline, and guarantee success with perfect morning routines.

The Deal: 44% off to get on track.


4) Gentlewasher

What: The gentlewasher allows you to feel happy and secure about your delicate clothing and the environment.

The Deal: 37% off for easy washing


5) LANTERN Light

What: This flashlight lights up a room, illuminates your path, charges your phone & mounts to your bike.

The Deal: 35% off to see better while adventuring.


6) Peel & Stick Sanding Glove

What: This glove makes sanding easier (and less painful) and is a must have for any toolbox.

The Deal: 40% off to keep up home improvements.


For The Smart Home

7) Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Lock

What: This bluetooth smart lever lock allows you to use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock your door.

The Deal: 44% off for spy-like security.


8) Vobot Smart Clock with Amazon Alexa

What: A standalone Alexa device that also serves as your clock radio, sleep coach and daily routine program. Sleep and wake up better, get guided relaxation and customized music all in one product.

The Deal: 27% off for your next great personal assistant/life coach.


9) Smart Shades + Free Solar panel

What: The Smart Shades allows you to bring your regular roller shades into the age of smart home automation. Automatic schedules, Alexa and Homekit support – it’s your window to tomorrow.

The Deal: 39% off for a smart window and a free solar panel.


10) The Ultimate Charging Solution

What: Winner of InStyle’s 2017 Best in Tech Award for Best Charging Station and Indiegogo’s Maker Challenge Award, this combination docking station makes it easy and simple to charge a range of devices.

The Deal: 59% off for the most innovative charging solution.


11) OVAL

What: The first all-in-one smart sensor that can monitor and detect changes in motion, water, light, moisture, temperature, and proximity. Monitor anything in your home, from anywhere in the world. Receive alerts to your phone or email. Instantly.

The Deal: 40% off to keep an eye on your home.


12) iSmartAlarm Spot Smart Home Camera

What: The Spot Smart Home Camera detects smoke alarm and CO monitor sirens, sends notifications, and records free cloud and local HD video in case of emergency or break-in.

The Deal: 40% off for eyes in the sky.


13) Sensibo Sky

What: Sensibo Sky makes it easier to control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime. Maximize your comfort and save energy.

The Deal: 34% off to stay cool.


Audio Upgraded

14) SleepPhones Wireless

What: Marketed as ‘pajamas for your ears’ these ultra-slim wireless headphones really do make listening to audio in bed a dream come true.

The Deal: 25% off to sleep soundly to good music.


15) Big Buoy: Voted Best Portable Waterproof Speakers

What: Crisp, deep, room-filling hifi sound and outstanding bass in a beautiful package you can take anywhere.

The Deal: 52% off for beautiful, portable sound.


16) Lapa – The Evolution of Bluetooth Trackers

What: This tracker allows you to find everything that matters within seconds, by simply clicking your Smartphone.

The Deal: 33% off to never lose your stuff again.


17) Dot STEREO

What: Not just a superlative, DOT headphones are truly the world’s smallest earbuds. With a diameter of 14mm & length of 20mm, DOT headphones are the most compact wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market!

The Deal: 60% off for teeny tiny headphones but big listening.

Travel Easier

18) Shark Wheel – 121c 100% Carbon Fiber Skateboard

What: As seen on Shark Tank! The Shark Wheel is the reinvention of the wheel. The 121c 100% carbon fiber board is made from NASA carbon fiber. Together they make the strongest, lightest, and best performing skateboard in the market.

The Deal: 50% off to reinvent the wheel


19) All-American Weekender Bag

What: This Labor Day you can show your American pride with Saintly’s All-American weekender bag, custom-lined with the Stars & Stripes lining.

The Deal: 21% off to travel through the weekend in style.


20) ThrillSeeker Solar Backpack

What: This light solar backpack uses Solar Cells on a Fabric substrate – which can be used to charge your phone or any gadget.

The Deal: 41% off to stay charged on the move.

Life Behind The Lens

21) Pakpod: The Packable, Waterproof, Adventure Tripod

What: This ultimate adventure tripod is compact, lightweight, waterproof, and super-fast – it can hold on in wildly asymmetrical positions.

The Deal: 33% off to stake out your next adventure.


22) Limelens

What: The Limelens smartphone camera lens kit allows you to seriously step up your picture and Instagram game with a wide-angle/macro lens and a fisheye lens. These lenses allow you to take DSLR quality photos with your phone.

The Deal: 39% off to add a DSLR to your smartphone.


23) GOLUK T3 smart dashcam


What: This car camera wirelessly connects to your phone and makes video viewing, editing and sharing super easy and quick. Goluk’s unique design fits any car perfectly.

The Deal: 33% off to get all the views from your car window.


Gadgets For The Phone


24) Magnetic Dock & iPhone 7 Plus Qi Charging Case

What: This ultra-slim magnetic case with built-in wireless receiver locks to the charging stand, charges up to 50% faster than other wireless chargers and offers lightning port pass-through so you can easily charge your iPhone by using a lightning cable without removing the case.

The Deal: 25% off for a great design and easy charging dock.


25) AIR Ionic Car Air Purifier + Car Charger

What: This air purifier turned car charger quickly cleans the air in your car and removes smoke, odors, toxic fumes, dust, pollen and pet dander using it’s powerful built-in negative ion generator.

The Deal: 30% off to keep your air clean and your devices charged.


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