August 25, 2017 · Products

19 Secret Perks Revealed For This Weekend Only


Shhh…the secret’s out for this weekend only. A few of our top campaigners are revealing a secret perk, a heavily discounted product with a unique URL that’s usually kept hidden away from the public. They’re so secretive that if you venture to these campaigns without a unique link, you won’t find the hot discounted deal. Looking for a new electric bike, smart home device or your next phone accessory? Check out these sneaky discounts before they disappear on Monday.

Smart Home

1. Cubit: Bring Any DIY Project to Life

What: Measuring tapes are out. The Cubit helps you measure any space with a dual laser and rolling wheel, uploads to an app and helps you virtually visualize and transform your space according to the design you want. DIY just became easy.

Price: $39 + Shipping $99 (60% Off)


2. RoomMe: Enable Your Smart Home to Adjust to YOU

What: Set lights, thermostats and other IoT home devices according to who’s in the room with this smart sensor and app.

Price: $139 $249 (44% Off)


3. Klove Knob – Just talk and cook, guess no more!

What: What if your stove knob could control your cooking time and heat based on ingredients while teaching you how to cook at the same time? Now it can.

Price: $24 + Shipping $49 (51% Off)


4. SMALT: The World’s First Interactive Centerpiece

What: Shaking it like a salt shaker has never been more real thanks to SMALT. This centerpiece tracks your salt intake, streams your favorite music all while setting the ambiance with mood lighting.

Price: $69 + Shipping $199 (65% Off)


5. Tersa Steam: The 10 Minute Clothing Care System

What: Do less laundry and use more steam. Tersa utilizes a 10 minute, chemical-free cycle, to de-wrinkle, deodorize, add fragrance and dry nearly any of your favorite garments.

Price: $299 $399 (25% Off)


On The Go

6. UrbaNext – Convert Any Bike to Electric in 60s

What: Replace your front bike wheel with this upgrade wheel to form a fully functional e-bike with a 30 mile range and a 20mph top speed.

Price: $399 + Shipping $799 (50% Off)


7. Huger: Powerful, Affordable Electric Skateboards

What:  Travel faster, ride farther, save money thanks to this electric skateboard that can take you up to 25 mph and 22 miles on a single charge.

Price: $665 + Shipping $1,119 (40% Off)


8. ProntoBev: World’s Fastest Wine & Beverage Cooler!

What: Finally a cooler that not only keeps your beverage cold, but actually proactively chills them in under 30 seconds. A wine spritzer, hot summer dream come true.

Price: $79 + Shipping $139 (43% Off)


9. Bluesmart Series 2: Smart Luggage System

What: A cabin, a check, a laptop bag and a passport pouch, all connected to the Bluesmart app and featuring location tracking, superchargers, digital locking, weight sensors and much more. This secret perk includes a personalized engraving on two cases.

Price: $595 + Shipping (with free engraving) 


Tech Gadgets

10. Mu Tag: World’s Smallest Loss Prevention Device

What: Never lose those keys again. This compact, Bluetooth & web app tracker helps you keep track of your belongings and your sanity.

Price: $44 $75 (41% Off)


11. Bolt: World’s 1st USB-C Magnetic Cable For MacBook

What: A USB-C magnetic cable with connectors on both ends, the Bolt is perfect for any USB-C devices.

Price: $37 + Shipping $100 (63% Off)


12. Solpro Tag: The Only Solar Power Battery & Tracker

What: This portable phone battery doubles as a tracker, so you can’t lose your phone or let it die on you. Extra bonus: it’s solar powered.

Price: $34 + Shipping $50 (32% Off)


13. Pi Case: Smart Battery Case with Universal Remote

What: This phone case automatically detects when your battery is low to start charging it. Thin and light, the 3.5 mm audio jack enables any headphones to be used with iPhone 7.

Price: $39  + Shipping $99 (60% Off)



14. Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket

What:  This infinity blanket aims to keep you warm and healthy, by promoting increased blood flow and giving the perfect balance of luxury, design, and wellness.

Price: $129 + Shipping $230 (43% Off)


15. MACROPACK – The Lunchbox Your Body Deserves

What: You are what you eat and this lunchbox gives you the nutrients you deserve (and need).  Track and get the proper amount of proteins, carbs and fat with a smart scale and modular containers in this lunchbox upgrade.

Price: $53 + Shipping $90 (41% Off)


16. MODIUS: Groundbreaking Fat Reduction Technology

What: Zap bad habits at the source. Modius sends a signal to the part of the brain that controls fat storage, naturally shifting your metabolism to burn more fat.

Price: $399 + Shipping $499 (20% Off)

New and Innovative

17. LUNAR. A Detailed 3D Printed Moon Model and AR App

What: After this week’s eclipse, the moon became a topic of interest on everyone’s mind. Now you can hold a high definition 3D printed model of the moon in your hands. Feel every curve and dip of the moon’s surface (while scanning for cheese of course).

Price: $409 + Shipping $689 (40% Off)


18. Nakamichi EDGE: AI-Enhanced Wireless Headphones

What: Headphones that sound so good your ears will thank you, tune in to high-quality sound with the Nakamichi Edge.

Price: $169 + Shipping $299 (43% Off)


19. BatBnB: Eliminate Pests While Preserving Wildlife

What: A stylish, designer bat houses endorsed by the world’s leading bat experts.

Price: $189 + Shipping $275 (31% Off)


Two Bonus Features: 

BodyBoss 2.0: 1st Home Gym You Can Take Anywhere

What: BodyBoss 2.0 is a foldable, portable gym you can take anywhere. You save on gym membership and get a start up program to help you work out.

Price: $169 + Shipping $380 (55% Off)

The MotherBox – TRUE Wireless Charging

Price: $159 + Shipping

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