August 14, 2017 · In The News

TrackR Raises $50M, Super Troopers 2 Wraps Up Filming and Other Success Stories This Week


It’s a very exciting Monday! We launched the entrepreneur Education Center last week, which is something that we have all been waiting for pretty much forever. Our absolutely incredibly Customer Happiness and Campaign Strategist teams just don’t have time to chat with every single entrepreneur on our platform, which has always been a big problem for a platform that just wants to help people so badly. In the spirit of empowerment, the Entrepreneur Resource Center is helping people help themselves, and showing the world that we really know what we’re doing.

Our co-founder Slava Rubin went to Fortune Brainstorm, which as you might have gleaned from the name is a summit of all the smartypants who are doing important, world-changing things, such as inventing crowdfunding. He had a great conversation about why enterprise crowdfunding is becoming a BFD, which you can watch here.


I haven’t quite figured out how the Voyager works, but I am pretty sure it’s actually quite cool. It’s an LED light stick that can be used to take photos, and even animate them. Plus, you can use it underwater. Please explore and let me know if you can figure out the exact purpose, but according to the internet it’s extremely useful for graphic design teams.
After you make cool pictures, you can use fancy VR headsets to go *into the picture* and pretend like you are scuba diving so that you really don’t have ever do anything again. Apparently, a big problem with VR headsets is that they make your head sweat, which is compounded by the nausea that some experience during a fake hike in the tropical rainforest. In addition to having a cool and easy to say name, ViveNChill is simply a clip-on fan for the HTC VR headset. If your too-hot headsets were cutting your VR sessions short, worry no more!

In other questionably useful gadget news, there is now a saltshaker that calls itself an “interactive centerpiece” because it talks to Alexa, streams music, and has lights that change colors. If you want your dinner table to be a mini rave, SMALT is probably the dining accessory you’ve been looking for.

Where are they now?

Well, we should be able to answer that question about TrackR easily. Am I right? In all seriousness, TrackR got a very impressive $50M in Series B from Alexa herself (Amazon) to keep working together as they grow their user base and improve their technology.
Super Troopers 2, which raised over $4.6M, has finished filming. They still have to edit and do other extremely unimportant things like that, but you’re that much closer to watching a bunch of dudes with fake mustaches lay down the (questionable) law.

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