August 15, 2017 · Products

August Arrivals: 9 Crowdfunded Products Shipping This Month


Contributing to a campaign on Indiegogo is much more than a simple transaction. It’s a pledge of support and the beginning of an exciting journey. Never before have consumers been able to see behind the scenes into the entrepreneurial journey. Everyday on Indiegogo, thousands of people come together to bring innovative ideas to life. While entrepreneurs are turning those ideas into real products, backers get to provide feedback in real time for an even better finished product.  

The journey to shipping is a long one and every perk delivered is a moment of delight, a moment to celebrate what we’ve done together to make it happen. Get ready to be inspired by the products that started shipping this month, and snag some of your own.


1. X-Connect: World’s 1st Cross-device Magnetic Cable

This magnetic USB cable is compatible with all phones including Apple (Lightning) and Android (micro USB & USB-C.) With asap X-Connect you no longer have to fight for that one cable to charge all your USB devices.

 “Thanks to the huge support from early backers like you, we’ve managed to ship products to over 50,000 customers worldwide! To start off the celebrations, we’re rewarding early backers with our best asap X-Connect perk ever.” – Vinson Leow, entrepreneur behind X-Connect


2. Slice Planner:Hybrid paper-digital planning system

Slice Planner is a hybrid planning system that solves the classic “Paper vs. Digital” dilemma. This paper notebook connects to a free app that helps you with daily planning and time management.

 “We appreciate your patience and endless support. Thanks for your valuable feedback and great insights. We remember your kindness and won’t ever forget who helped us to start this journey.” – the Evopaper team


3. BodyBoss 2.0: 1st Home Gym You Can Take Anywhere

BodyBoss 2.0 is a foldable, portable gym you can take anywhere. You save on gym membership and get a start up program to help you work out. The team also recently launched a workout site with tips to help their thousands of backers get in shape.

 “I started this company with an idea: to provide portable resistance strength and fitness training to anyone at any strength level wherever they wanted. Now because of our backers we are doing just that – Thank you!”  – BodyBoss Ross!


4. illumy – The Smart Sleep Mask

illumy is like having a wake-up light and alarm clock built into a sleep mask, so you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. This scientifically-proven regimen is even used on the international space station to help astronauts’ body clocks stay in sync.


“That’s right – everything came together just right so we can get illumy into your hands even sooner than we had hoped…I’m happy to report that we have shipped over 100 illumy orders so far. We’re continuing to process them and keep the shipments going.” – Philippe Genereux


5. SilverAir Travel Underwear with SmartGrip System

With anti-odor technology, a specialized grip system and boxer-brief cut, this underwear is perfect for traveling. The inventors insist they’re so comfortable though, you’ll want to wear them everyday.


“After shipping more than 10,000 pairs of underwear last month, we’re thrilled by the response we have received from you all. Thank you so much for believing in us and for providing us with valuable feedback.” – Y Athletics Team


6. Nimble – The 1 Finger Wonder Tool

Nimble allows you to safely and easily open packets and parcels, cut tape and other paper with 1 finger. This multi-award-winning cutting tool makes you more productive with the swipe of a finger. They have now moved into our Marketplace! 


“He [the founder] also spoke about how great it is to build an amazing online community of people who share the same interest and passion in an idea… in case you hadn’t guessed it yet, that’s you guys :).” – Nimble Team


7. EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker smartphone eye test

Test your eye vision with this affordable and convenient high-tech vision screening tool. With the EyeQue miniscope, a supported smartphone, and the myEyeQue app, you can test your vision anytime to have optimal eye health.


 “This means over 1200 miniscopes are now either in the hands of or on their way to reaching over 900 Indiegogo backers. Once again, we could not have done this without YOUR support. THANK YOU so much!” – EyeQue Team


8. Mous Limitless iPhone Case & SAMSUNG S8 Case

Love slim cases, but hate broken screens? The ultra-slim ‘iPhone Limitless’ cases offer military-grade protection in real and authentic materials like black marble, bamboo wood or kevlar. These cases use Airo Shock protection to give your phone incredible protection.


 “We were simply not prepared for the incredible support we got from our amazing customers throughout this campaign. All our efforts subsequently went towards making and shipping all the orders we were receiving as fast as possible.” – Mous Team


9. SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear

Socks, flip-flops or running shoes? Skinners disrupt this trinity of gym footwear and combine the advantages of each: the freedom of a sock, the great grip and the basic protection of shoes.


“We have already processed and delivered almost 12,500 Indiegogo orders of Skinners to more than 85 countries worldwide! We would like to thank you for your enormous help for spreading Skinners around the world.” – The Skinners Team

Looking for more unique products that will arrive within two weeks? Check out the Indiegogo Marketplace!