September 1, 2017 · Products

End of Summer Sale: 25 Cutting Edge Products On Sale For 3 Days Only


Inflatable chairs, travel pillows and portable chargers galore! As summer winds down, some of the best travel and outdoor products are being discounted, up to 50% off. These products are guaranteed to ship in two weeks or less so you can have them in time for your final weekends of the summer.

Travel Better

TRONO. Your Perfect Chair, Everywhere.

What: Sit back and relax on this inflatable chair – hammocks and foldable chairs are out with this super portable, compact blow-up lounge. 

Price: 25% off $79 $59


AYO: Sleep Better, Beat Jet Lag, Get More Energy!

What: AYO is a revolutionary product that helps boost your overall energy levels, optimize your sleep and beat the jet lag during your travels!

Price: 50% off $299 $149


GoSun Sport Pro Pack

What: A solar cooking stove that let’s you bake, steam, roast, or sauté in 20 – 30 minutes with just the sun. Your campsite meals just got a lot more gourmet.

Price: 22% off  $359 $279



What: Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for all to organize your life. You can easily organize your pack any way you want because the UNO is designed with only one water-repellent fabric & one Zipper and can be opened easily and quickly. 

Price: 43% off, $139 $79


BullRest Travel Pillow

What: The travel pillow reinvented. Engineered by medical designers, it’s 80% smaller than traditional pillows with a patented ergonomic design for better neck alignment and memory foam for comfort.

Price: 30% off $60 $42


Voyage Pillow

What: A compact and versatile travel pillow for your next trip, adventure, or daily commute. A unique 2 in 1 design that combines a travel pillow and eye mask.

Price: 26% off $27 $20

Health Hacks

Airdog – The Advanced Non-Filter Air Purifier

What: An air purifier that reduces indoor air pollutants and circulates cleaner air, leaving your home fresh and healthy. 

Price: 30% off $499 $349


Move It Smart Personal Trainer

What: Save on the personal trainer. Move It is an award-winning home gym and personal training system that neatly assembles into a compact and elegant device. 

Price: 43% off $299 $149



What: Relieve stress and stay relaxed with this neck and shoulder massager.  

Price: 41% off, $100 $59


Quell – Wearable Pain Relief

What: Quell is 100% drug free wearable technology that combines clinical strength neuro-stimulation to treat pain with an easy-to-use app that helps people manage pain and reclaim their lives.

Price: 17% off $299 $249


Tushi Pal Fitness Tracker – Tradition & Design

What: Tushi Rocks is a smart fitness tracker, combined with 24/7 optical heart rate monitor and activity wristband. 

Price: 41% off $79 $47

Hot Tech

Aumeo – Next Gen Amp

What: This headphone personalizer tailors sound measurements to your ears and transforms how you listen to music. 

Price: 25% off $199 $149



What: The shiftcam gives your iPhone six different lenses in one compact case.

Price: 40% off $99 $59


Call Recorder

What: The first of its kind device for iPhone allows you to record, store, and share your recordings. Supports recording of all calls via mobile and communications apps.

Price: 34% off, $150 $99


KOSMOS Pen by stilform

What: This award-winning writing utensil combines a revolutionary magnetic mechanism with the most minimalistic design. 

Price: 29% off, $55 $39


Ultraloq Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Lock

What: Ultraloq UL3 BT smart lever lock is designed to be “Real Keyless” for maximum flexibility and convenience. You are free to use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock.

Price:  44% off $319 $179


Rugged Cable

What: Three ultra rugged charging cables to keep up with your lifestyle. Nomad will also be donating 10.1% of profits this weekend to National Parks for the 101 anniversary of National Parks.

Price: 43% off $30 $17


Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera

What: An all-in-one security solution with a full HD camera, a smart sensor, and alarms. 

Price: 11% off $100 $89



What: This open source smart garage door controller serves as a remote control while allowing you to monitor your garage doors from smartphones, web, HA hubs, voice control, Alexa, IFTTT.

Price: 30% off $99 $69

New and Unique

KRUVE Sifter

What: Brew award winning coffee thanks to this sifter. With two tiers and up to fifteen interchangeable sieves, the KRUVE Sifter delivers 105 possible coffee grind sizes at the precise micron range of your choosing!

Price: 20% off $130 $104


The Fondoodler

What: The Fondoodler is a “hot glue gun” but for cheese. Build, craft and create your favorite cheese and crackers. 

Price: 33% off $30 $20


Brew Soldier – Ti Bottle Opener with Grip Tooth

What: Meet Brew Soldier, your key chain warrior. At the size of a standard house key, the Brew Soldier falls in line on your key chain. Cut from Grade 5 Titanium and featuring a Grip Tooth, this opener never slips when called to action. 

Price: 21% off $14 $11


The Seventy2

What: The SEVENTY2 comes complete with over 30 high-quality products designed to work together to protect you in hundreds of emergency situations. Each product is categorized by need with clear and simple instructions to help even the most novice person get through a tough situation.

Price: 14% off $350 $300


Touch 1K

What: The Touch 1K is the equivalent of a Swiss army knife in the world of handheld flashlights, a high quality light designed with the user in mind.

Price: 52% off $135 $65


LaMetric Time

What: LaMetric Time tracks time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and any other metric from the Internet, needed for your home or business, and displays them almost in real-time! 

Price: 15% off  $199 $169


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