September 28, 2017 · Products

15 Discounted Products That Will Upgrade Your Life


Sleep better, stay hydrated, be productive, track your fitness: There’s a hack for almost everything these days. For this weekend only, we are featuring products that will not only give your life a huge upgrade but are also heavily discounted at up to 65% off. Whether you need better health or just a smarter watch, these simple solutions might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Sleep Better, Wake Up Happier

1) Dreem Headband. Enhance all aspects of your sleep.

What: The Dreem Headband helps people fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up more alert using the latest  innovations in neuroscience research and advanced technology. Sleep deep, dream big.

The Deal: 30% off retail at $499 $349


2) Eight Jupiter+ Smart Mattress

What:  This mattress is the total package, with four layers of dynamic reactive foam plus a smart technology cover that measures nightly sleep patterns, manages bed temperature and integrates with your smart home.

The Deal: 20% off to swap out your lumpy old mattress at $999 $799


Stay Healthy

3) Smart Buckle – Upgrade Your Watch Instantly!

What: Turn any of your watches into a smartwatch that can track steps, calories, distance and sleep.

The Deal: 61% off to transform your dumb watch at $99 $39 


4) Biostrap Total Health

What: This wearable wants to make sure your whole body is covered, which is why they give you sensors for your wrist and shoe so you can track full-body activity and get clinical quality data on how your body is.

The Deal: 20% off to put your whole health first at $250 $200


5) AIR Ionic Car Air Purifier and Car Charger

What: This car purifier and charger not only removes smoke, odors, toxic fumes and other pollutants, it also is a 2-in-1 charger so you can keep everyone around you happy.

The Deal: 52% off at $60 $29


6) Ozmo Smart Water Bottle

What: This water bottle and app tracks your water intake and reminds you to stay hydrated, even integrating with fitness trackers so you never get too thirsty.

The Deal:  29% off at $70 $50


7) Relax, Release, and Repeat with C-REST For Neck

What: Say goodbye to neck pain and save on a massage, the C-Rest works out neck and shoulder knots in 10 minutes.

The Deal: 41% off at $100 $59


Master Photography

8) Freevision VILTA-G

What: This stabilizer goes from handheld to wearable with the touch of a button – and it’s durable enough to capture all your adventure sports.

The Deal: 20% off retail at $349 $279


9) Blips Macro Kit Metal Series

What: Upgrade the lens on your smartphone with this macro lense. They are small enough to keep in your wallet, so you can get that perfect shot wherever you go.

The Deal:  At 29% off this weekend, you can see the micro-world around you as never before at $28 $20 


10) ShiftCam: A case for DUAL LENS of iPhone 7 Plus

What: 6 different lenses in one compact case so that the best camera is the one always with you.

The Deal: 51% off for DSLR-quality-Instagram-Worthy-Picture-Perfect-Shots at $99 $49 


Secure Your Home

11) Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Lock

What: Now you have five ways to unlock your door using a fingerprint, code, key or smartphone. You can even just knock on your phone to open the door, even when it’s in your pocket.

The Deal: 44% off to never be locked out at $319 $179 


12) iSmartAlarm Spot Smart Home Camera

What: The easiest smart home system to set up, the iSmart also detects smoke alarm sirens, sends notifications, records videos and has an intercom.

The Deal: 40% off for a worry-free vacation $99 $59 


Easy Life Hacks

13) The Morning Sidekick Journal (Sunrise Red)

What: Can you hack your way to productivity? With the Morning Sidekick Journal, you can utilize the most important time of the day and set yourself up for success before your second cup of coffee.

The Deal: 44% off for a huge life upgrade $34 $19 


14) Slim Edition: The Slimmest Classic Bifold Wallet

What: Carry everything you want without the bulky wallet. This bifold can hold everything from cash and cards, to a pen, coins and a SIM.

The Deal: 65% off at $129 $45 


15) Aumeo – Next Gen Amp

What: This amplifier not only makes your headphones wireless, but also helps measure your personal hearing sensitivities, highlighting tones you would typically miss out on.

The Deal: 25% off at $149, $199

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