September 20, 2017 · IGG

Watch Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch


Elevator Pitch has arrived and the show is about to begin!

The first 60 seconds of a business pitch may matter more than anything else when seeking an investment. So Entrepreneur Media teamed up with a group of real investors and put entrepreneurs to the ultimate pitch test. The result? Elevator Pitch, the exciting new streaming show from Entrepreneur Media.

Entrepreneurs have sixty seconds to explain their business concept in an elevator as it ascends to the executive floor. After they give their best pitch to the investors in the boardroom, they hope the doors will open for a further discussion about an investment. If the elevator doors open, the judges have five minutes to decide whether they’ll invest–or send the entrepreneur back down in the elevator.

Visit Entrepreneur Network to watch and learn more. New episodes are released every Wednesday!  

Watch Episode 1: Edible Selfies, Extreme Beer Pong and More!

Get involved and back your favorite entrepreneurs on Indiegogo

Watch the show and decide for yourself–do you agree or disagree with the decisions of the investors in the boardroom? Do you think an entrepreneur who failed to get out of the elevator deserves an investment after all? The judges invite you to prove them wrong!

Now it’s your turn to be the judge and the investor, and support your favorite entrepreneurs from Elevator Pitch on Indiegogo to help them bring their project to life. Entrepreneurs seen on Elevator Pitch, whether or not they receive an investment from the judges, are offered the opportunity to run a campaign on Indiegogo.

Explore Indiegogo’s Elevator Pitch campaign collection and back your favorites, with new campaigns added weekly with every episode of Elevator Pitch. 

Visit the Entrepreneur Network to start watching Elevator Pitch. New episodes are released on Wednesdays.