September 19, 2017 · Success Stories

From Idea to Retail: 6 Indiegogo-Funded Products Sold At Brookstone


You came to Indiegogo to find the latest and most innovative products before they go mainstream. But even if the ideas you back aren’t on shelves yet, we know you still want them ASAP, and that’s exactly why we partnered with retailers like Brookstone. We wanted to help entrepreneurs get their products to market faster, and it seems to be working. Since 2015, Brookstone has been offering valuable resources to select Indiegogo technology and product entrepreneurs, helping them get their perks to you by facilitating a streamlined development process. Today, Brookstone has helped dozens of Indiegogo-funded campaigns realize their full potential. Here are a few currently stocking store shelves:

  1. JamStik. Not your average smart device, JamStik can turn your iPad, iPhone or Mac into a guitar with real frets and strings. Debuting on Indiegogo, JamStik raised over $178k from 841 backers, exceeding their flexible funding goal by 178%. Pick up this SmartGuitar from
  2. Creopop. Explore your creative side with Creopop, the first 3D printing pen that uses a rechargeable battery and cool inks. Now available at, Creopop raised more than $213k on Indiegogo.
  3. BauBax. Known as the world’s best travel jacket, Baubax raised more than $11.5M on Indiegogo and generated a community of more than ten thousand backers. Today, the Baubax Travel Sweatshirt is earning rave reviews on
  4. AfterShokz. Want to experience what it’s like to hear music through your cheekbones? Pick up a pair of AfterShokz at Brookstone. Promoting safety, these wireless, bone-conducting headphones raised $694k from five thousand backers on Indiegogo.
  5. Xpand. Hate tying your shoes? Xpand Lacing Systems can help! After launching on Indiegogo, these elastic shoelaces discovered a community of more than ten thousand backers and earned over $1M to fund their product. Grab a pair for yourself at
  6. Mars. A different kind of bluetooth speaker, Mars fuses music and design with its ability to levitate. Currently in the InDemand phase on Indiegogo, Mars has generated more than $830k in funding. Check it out at


Discover more innovative products that were funded on Indiegogo at and Brookstone stores nationwide! Plus, see all the campaigns that landed in Brookstone stores since we launched our partnership in 2015.


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