September 15, 2017 · Products

SHHH Top Secret Perks Revealed For The Weekend



Secret Perks are perks hidden away from the public and only accessible through a unique URL. Lucky for you, this weekend some of our top campaigners decided to reveal their secret perks for a few days, showing off some of the best deals on Indiegogo. From joining the search to find the next planet Earth to learning how to 3D print your own toys, there are cool and clever perks for everyone.


1) Smart Temperature Adjustable & Preservable Mug

What: An elegant design that not only allows you to set the temperature of your beverage (hot or cold) but also reminds you to consume a sufficient amount of water everyday.

Why it’s a secret: $59+ Shipping (54% off)


2) FlexSafe Plus : The Ultimate Portable Safe

What: The inventors of the FlexSafe learned the hard way how important a theft-proof bag is. This ‘portable safe’ keeps your belongings safe wherever you go, with slash resistant fabric, a motion sensor alarm system and a water-proof solar charger.

Why it’s a secret: It’s for 20% off the combo pack at $111.20


3) Pico C – Craft Brewing For All

What:  Would you like to easily make craft beer in your own home in two hours? Pico Model C an easy-to-use, affordable “smart craft beer brewing appliance”. Friends of beer loves look out, this is a great holiday gift.

Why it’s a secret: $150 discountThis won’t be a secret for long.


4) Toybox 3D Printer: Draw & Make Toys

What: Toybox is the first easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. Mess-free and easy on the wallet!

Why it’s a secret: 50% off at $199


5) Arrow – Smartwatch with 360 Rotating HD Camera

What: A stunning smartwatch with a 360° rotatable 1080P HD camera, compatible with Android & iOS smartphones. Now you can make hands-free calls, texts, track your fitness and play music straight from your watch.

Why it’s a secret: 53% off at $139


6) MODIUS: Get Lean

What: A wearable technology that helps you reduce body weight and gain a leaner body. Developed by neuroscientists in San Diego, California, it works by stimulating a part of the brain that has been shown to naturally influence body weight and help achieve a leaner body.

Why it’s a secret: 20% off at $399


7) Join the Search for Another Earth

What: Learn how a space mission goes from concept to launch from Project Blue executive leader Jon Morse and Project Blue STAC member Eduardo Bendek, who are both rocket scientists who have led numerous NASA missions. This hour-long webinar with moderated Q&A will explain in depth how missions go from scientific idea to design, development, launch and discovery.

Why it’s a secret: 33% off at $10


8) Touch – Ultra Small Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

What: Teeny tiny earbuds with touch sensor technology, secure fit ergonomics, German engineered battery, and industry leading range.

Why it’s a secret: 50% off + free shipping at $99


9) ClickPack Pro – A Functional Anti-theft BackPack

What: The ClickPack Pro anti-theft backpack combines security, storage, convenience, comfort and beauty.

Why it’s a secret: 36% off at $125


10) Viviva Colorsheets- The most portable watercolors!

What: Paint on the go with a set of 16 transparent, beautiful watercolors. Each sheet is made of a super saturated layer of the color deposited on paper – giving you the paintings of your dreams.

Why it’s a secret: 20% off at $50


11) Samsara: The World’s First Aluminum Smart Suitcase

What: Titanium, Magnesium and Zinc join together to create a lightweight, durable, fireproof aluminum smart suitcase.

Why it’s a secret: 46% off at $370


12) TRAK 2.0 – The Ultimate Touring Kayak

What: These campaigners asked kayakers what they wanted in a touring kayak. They took the responses, prioritized the wants and needs, and got to work. Enter the traditional watercraft re-invented.

Why it’s a secret: 30% off at $2,949


13) Lifepack Hustle Collection – Backpack and Shoulder

What: The best daily backpack & shoulder bags with the newest solar teach and patented anti-theft lock.

Why it’s a secret: 10% off at $119

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