March 6, 2018 · In The News

Arts in Chicago, Smart Water and More: Our Weekly News Roundup



Move over Soda Stream, there is a new (and dare I say better?) bougie water maker in town. Not only does rOcean let you make your own LaCroix, it also filters the gunk out of your water, and syncs with Alexa and Google home so that your when your filters are running low, they automatically order new ones. You never have to perform any thinking activities again all while enjoying that bubbly.
If you’re still looking for a way to fulfill your annual resolution to “work out more”, you probably need to learn the proper way to set goals so you don’t set yourself up to fail, and you might want to consider hoola hooping. Not only do you get to shake what it, you can start practicing now for all the Burning Man trips in your future. The Vhoop will also help you track your progress with its app, which will be really helpful when you start making measurable goals that you can actually achieve.


This project has a toe in all of all verticals, but all toes are awesome. *Technically* it’s Writing & Publishing, but I think that’s a bit reductionist. Triibe was created as a digital media platform to revive and reshape the narrative of black Chicago, which most people just write off as the most violent city of America. Instead, Triibe is giving black writers and artists a voice, a community, and a self-driven way to work through the trauma associated with violence.

Where are they now?

My Annie Hall is now a movie, that’s where they are now. I’ve told this story before but I’ll tell it again because it’s too good. A pair of young filmmakers decided they wanted to remake Annie Hall with senior citizens. This was a great idea because 1) it’s adorable and 2) active brains are healthy brains. Their two stars were extremely dedicated participants, and they even got Woody Allen’s blessing to release it. Maybe if we get in touch with the campaigners they’ll let us have a private screening…

ICYMI Indiegogo alum Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton walked away with the Academy Award for “Best Live Action Short” for their film The Silent ChildThis is the second time in Indiegogo’s history that an Indiegogo backed film has won an Oscar and we were thrilled to get a shout out from the cast. We can’t wait to see what other crowdfunded films make it to the red carpet next year!