March 9, 2018 · Success Stories

Watch Now: Trek, TouchPoints, Tersa Steam, and Garadget entrepreneurs share their Arrow Certification Program experience


Hear the innovative entrepreneurs behind Tersa Steam, Garadget, Trek, and TouchPoints talk about their experience with the Arrow Certification Program, how Arrow supported them and what Arrow enabled them to do in the successful development of their product.

Charlie Warden, Tersa Steam’s CEO, says, “We love Indiegogo because they focus on helping smaller companies like us, especially in hardware because of their partnership with Arrow. The Arrow Certification Program was one of the main reasons we chose Indiegogo, and we got to work with them right away.”

Denis Grisak, creator of Garadget, mentioned that the program application process was fairly simple: “It doesn’t require a lot of time and there is nothing but upside.”

Vicky Mayo, Co-Founder & CEO of TouchPoints, appreciated Arrow’s ability to simply “step in, help with manufacturing, engineering question and take that product from a funded campaign to an actual delivered product.” TouchPoints also received flash funding via the Arrow Certification Program.

The benefits aren’t limited to entrepreneurs — backers benefit too. Chris Szczur, CEO of Trek, noted that having the Arrow Certified Technology badge on your campaign page “gives the backer a lot of confidence on the product, because you have a team of highly skilled engineers from a multi-billion dollar company that are accessing your designs and giving it proof and validity.” All campaigns with the Arrow Certified Technology badge have had their campaign’s electronic and/or software design reviewed by Arrow, and Arrow has verified that it is feasible for manufacturing.

Join the Arrow Certification Program and see how Arrow can help you take your idea to the next level. The next winner of flash funding in 2018 will receive $100,000, so join now to become eligible.