April 12, 2018 · IGG, Success Stories

Go Anywhere with Anyware: Smart home product receives $100K in flash funding from Arrow


The latest winner of flash funding from Arrow is Anyware, who just received an award of $100K USD as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Become part of the Arrow Certification Program to qualify for flash funding, and read on to learn about Anyware’s entrepreneurial journey to flash funding.

Go anywhere, and get peace of mind with Anyware’s smart adapter for lamp sockets in your home, which controls and automates lights when you’re out, as well as monitors temperature and humidity levels. If you’re traveling, Anyware can switch lights on and off so that it looks like your home is fully occupied – and it can even listen for intruders.

Watch Anyware Share their Arrow Certification Experience  

Why Anyware Chose Indiegogo

Morten Bremild, Anyware’s Co-founder & Partner, notes that Anyware is really the “first product on the smart home journey.” Fortunately, the first step in the journey is a simple one — it’s as easy to install as a lightbulb. 

Why’d they choose to fund on Indiegogo? Per Bremild, “Anyware chose to raise money on Indiegogo because it’s a very good way to meet customers and get the first feedback in the design process.” Funding on Indiegogo provided critical working capital — they raised $61,626 USD, and achieved their funding goals by 188%.

Joining the Arrow Certification Program

Anyware joined the Arrow Certification Program and worked closely with the local Arrow team in Copenhagen, who also facilitated contacts to other Arrow teams around the world. The Anyware team worked with a number of experts and consultants within Arrow who helped them go from concept to product.

Jan Christiansen, also Anyware’s Co-founder and Partner, said that Arrow connected them with industrial designers and engineers, as well as introduced them to a number of potential manufacturing partners that could help them realize their product in a cost-efficient way. Christiansen noted, “The Arrow Certification Program has been a great way for us to get qualified” in the areas where they are not experts.

Morten Block, Arrow’s Nordic Engineering Team Director, noted, “The Arrow team here in Denmark has been supporting and guiding the Anyware team on anything from the hardware design to selecting the right components. One of the critical elements of a start-up is the supply chain, and being able to get the components that you need for your product.”

“The advantage of having the Arrow services available globally for a start-up like Anyware Solutions is that we can access the expertise of Arrow on a global scale,” Bremild said. “I would recommend any hardware start-up to join the Arrow Certification Program because of the access to the Arrow expertise and their global network.”

Flash Funding Opportunities Expand

Located in Denmark, Anyware is the first flash funding winner from Europe. In 2018, the Arrow Certification Program expanded the opportunity to receive flash funding to qualified Indiegogo campaigners located in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, in addition to the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Arrow has already given aware more than $1,000,000 USD in flash funding to qualified Indiegogo campaigners! Flash funding opportunities continue throughout the year, but only campaigners with Arrow Certified Technology can qualify. In addition, qualified entrepreneurs can access many other benefits of the Arrow Certification Program, including engineering support and 1:1 consultations, discounts, access to Arrow design tools, exclusive savings on components, and more.  

Who will be the next winner of flash funding? Keep checking back to find out which Indiegogo campaigner is the next winner. Join the Arrow Certification Program and see how Arrow can help you take your idea to the next level.

Meet the Anyware team as well as the Indiegogo and Arrow teams at the IoT Tech Expo in London on April 18th and 19th! Check out the details here