April 29, 2019 · IGG

Shipping This Month: April 2019 Edition


Continuing our monthly feature highlighting some of the many crowdfunding campaigns that raised money on Indiegogo, we’re pleased to share the following products that are being delivered to backers:

Huma-i: Portable Air Quality Detection Device (Raised $119,876 in 2019)

Huma-i is a user-friendly air quality monitor that incorporates in-house designed sensor modules to efficiently detect fine-dust levels, C02 levels and other gasses. Its portable design provides users with peace of mind wherever they go.  

OmniShaver: Faster Way To Shave Scalp, Arms & Legs (Raised $295,192 in 2018)

The OmniShaver is a self-cleaning and self-polishing shaver that incorporates a bi-directional blade to reduce shaving time by 75%.

Olive: Next-Gen Hearing Aid with a Social Mission (Raised $907,864 in 2017)

The Olive is a smart hearing aid with the mission of being “affordable to all.” With a completely wireless system and a 16-channel frequency, it allows users to seamlessly hear the natural sounds of everyday life.