Welcome to this month’s list highlighting some of the many crowdfunding campaigns that raised funds on Indiegogo. We’re pleased to share the following products that have been delivered to backers in May:

MobiScribe: The E-ink Notepad (Raised $488,734 in March 2019)
MobiScribe combines the simplicity and comfort of reading and writing on real paper with the ease and efficiency of technology for digital note-sharing.

Hydrow: The Live Outdoor Reality Rower (Raised $1,033,473 in 2019)
Hydrow brings the soul-enriching exercise of rowing outdoors into your home. Their unique Live Outdoor Reality™ Rowing motivates you through challenging and fun workouts.

VARRAM: A Smart Robot For Your Pet  (Raised $601,173 in October 2018)
VARRAM makes sure your pets are active, healthy and never alone. Monitor your pet remotely via a Bluetooth enabled app, and entertain them while you’re away.