January 7, 2020 · IGG

Introducing An Innovative New Shipping Solution For Entrepreneurs, Powered by Easyship


Indiegogo has partnered with Easyship to add seamless shipping logistic capabilities to their global campaigns

No matter how big or small campaigns are, Indiegogo is committed to offering campaign owners best-in-class solutions to fuel growth for business owners and brands. With an intuitive understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs, Indiegogo and Easyship are a perfect pairing. This is the first partnership announced under new Indiegogo CEO Andy Yang, as part of his plan to grow the crowdfunding platform’s suite of tools that empower scalability. 

“Our partnership with Easyship further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers in the industry,” said Andy Yang, CEO of Indiegogo. “The results our clients have seen through their work with Easyship is tremendous, and we’re excited to offer this transparency and streamlined flexibility to our online brands.”

Easyship offers Indiegogo entrepreneurs access to a suite of shipping and fulfillment management eCommerce tools including omni-channel management, shipping automations, integrated shipping solutions, and global warehouse solutions. The company’s easy-to-use platform offers users streamlined delivery options with big couriers like DHL and UPS, as well as localized last mile solutions in smaller markets. In addition, the company’s cloud-based order management technology allows campaigners a seamless fulfillment process with connections to global warehouses, as well as integrations with sales channels through robust APIs, and the ability to review order and inventory data in real time.

“The industry is at a tipping point. Global backers have become the standard for crowdfunding campaigns. At the same time, shipping campaigns have become more complex, due to different customs policies, couriers limitations, taxes and duties, and returns,” said Tommaso Tamburnotti, Co-Founder of Easyship. “Indiegogo shares our desire to create transparency so that we can ensure the successful delivery of 100% of campaigns to backers worldwide.”

Not only does Easyship offer smart shipping solutions, they also bring a deep understanding of crowdfunding to the table. The platform supported logistics for two of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns in recent years – MATE X and Waverly Labs’ wearable translation device. In addition, Easyship has helped launch a range of different Indiegogo campaigns across all types of products, including Lynq’s personal tracking apps, Tropicfeel’s innovative travel sneakers, and Nomad Lane’s clever travel accessories. 

Easyship has established a global presence with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, developing technologies and gaining cross-border experience to allow makers of all sizes to ship in the most efficient way. 

For more details, visit our new partnership page.