The hottest, most innovative products get started by crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and every month brings a new crop of cool new items for you to check out. This February, a variety of fresh gadgets found an audience on Indiegogo. From a powerful 150W powerbank to a wearable that can change your mood on command, here are February’s highest-grossing campaigns.

Drop x THX Panda Headphones

  • $1,407,686 USD raised
  • 4,250 backers
  • San Francisco, United States

A stellar wireless Hi-Fi headphone, Panda features never-before-seen tech in a never-leave-at-home design. A collaboration between Drop and THX, these headphones provide high-fidelity sound for audio nerds. They feature planar-ribbon drivers (which, for the uninitiated, translates to “truly stellar sound”). Drop raised $1.3M in less than 60 days

“There were three major things that contributed to our success: social validation, strong brand network, and marketing activities. We spread the word about our campaign launch with influencers, our own community and the audiophile community on third-party forums. We also did a lot of events (listening parties, CES showcase) and outreach (email newsletters, community outreach, and PR) to build a strong brand.” — Amey Kanade, Head of Product Marketing at Drop

Flash USB-C Powerbank

  • $632,430 USD raised
  • 3,853 backers
  • Los Angeles, United States

Don’t let Flash’s small size fool you: it’s a beast of a battery pack. Its 150W output can charge four devices simultaneously. And it charges devices fast — your laptop included. It’s created using Tesla Graphene composite batteries and is among the new class of advanced charging products that are taking off on Indiegogo lately. The best part? It can fit in the palm of your hand.


  • $553,622 USD raised
  • 1,374 backers
  • Parsippany, United States

This hot campaign can help you stay cool. Midea was designed to reinvent the window air conditioner, which is usually noisy, hard to install, and energy-draining. But not the Midea. Its revolutionary U-shaped design blocks the noise out and makes it faster and easier to set up. The unique Inverter Quattro technology keeps your home cool through the worst of the summer while using 35% less energy to run. And guess what! You can still open and close your window at any time!


  • $352,907 USD raised
  • 837 backers
  • Seattle – United States

Making a few taps on your smartphone elevates your mood if you happen to find a particularly good puppy video, but this wearable has a more direct impact on your emotions. Hapbee (“Happy”) is a wearable that lets you feel calm, alert, focused, relaxed or sleepy on command – all with just a few taps on your smartphone. Hapbee is like a playlist for your feelings, with the ability to replicate dozens of different feelings by “playing” predictable electromagnetic signals.

eWheels V2 

  • $339,609 USD raised
  • 640 backers
  • Fremont – United States

Ah, golf. It’s a great sport, but no one likes to schlep all those clubs around the green. Luckily, eWheels can help. eWheels V2 by Alphard Golf turns your pushcart into a premium electric golf caddy that can be controlled via remote or follow you via a magnetic smart tether. It rolls over bumps, goes up and down hills and carries your golf bag through the entire course — without hassle or sweat. The campaign raised $100,000 in its first 15 minutes

Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 2/27/20. 

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