May 13, 2019 · Behind The Scenes, IGG

Treat Your Dog or Cat to the Latest Innovations in Pet Tech


Technology isn’t just advancing in areas like smartphones and transportation. There’s also a lot of innovation happening in the world of pet tech. It turns out, humans aren’t the only ones who get excited about new technology. So why not treat your pet to something high tech?

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite pet tech inventions for dogs, cats, or pet owners. By contributing to one of these campaigns, you’re helping entrepreneurs bring the future of pet tech to life. Your pets will thank you!

1. Wicked Ball – Your Pet’s Joy When Home Alone

This clever toy is designed to keep your pets entertained and active while you’re away. Both dogs and cats can enjoy endless hours of playtime with Wicked Ball. Its features include three reactive modes, a snack reward system, and an obstacle avoidance system. The basic operating functions of the ball are easy to switch between and don’t require an app. It’s also made from highly durable material that’s both waterproof and easy to wash.

Wicked Ball was created by the team of entrepreneurs at Cheerble, a company based in Pymble, Australia. They are also the makers of WICKEDBONE, a smart, bone-shaped toy for dogs.

2. VAVA Mobile Pet Cam – Peace of Mind on Wheels

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam is a sleek pet camera on wheels that moves on all surfaces. Its many features include two-way audio, a built-in laser pointer for teasing your cat, a treat dispenser, and a battery life that lasts for seven days on standby. The app is also enabled for taking photos and videos, real-time bark alerts, and account sharing.

The Mobile Pet Camp is the fourth campaign run by VAVA on Indiegogo. Their past campaigns include a dash cam and a wire-free home cam. Currently they’re also running a campaign for the VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector.

3. Wayzn – Automatic Sliding Pet Door Opener

What good are all these fancy pet toys if your dog gets locked in the backyard all day? That’s where Wayzn comes in.

Wayzn converts your sliding glass door into an automatic door that you control with an app. There are no tools needed for installation and you can set it up yourself in minutes. After installing, there are three ways to use Wayzn. When you’re home, you can set the motion sensors to allow the door to automatically open and close when your dog stands at the door. When you’re away, you can integrate Wayzn with smart cameras so you can see who has triggered the door to open. Also, for security, you can set the app so that you need to approve the open/close function.

4. Hyperscrub – The 1st Medical-Grade Dog Paw Scrubber

Pet tech isn’t all about playtime. Innovation is also happening in pet hygiene. Dogs in particular aren’t famous for their cleanliness. They can use a little help in this department.

Hyperscrub is an easy way to deep clean your dog’s paws. It’s the first medical-grade scrubber specially designed to eliminate dirt, germs, and bacteria. It helps to soften dogs’ paws, stop the spread of contaminants, and fight salt burn and allergic reactions. The cleaning process only takes about two minutes.

After a long day of playing with new tech toys, what could be better than a nice paw scrub?

5. Nybble – World’s Cutest Open Source Robotic Kitten

If you’re looking to add another pet to your family, why not make it a robotic pet? This is 2019, after all. Aren’t we supposed to be living in the future?

In terms of robotic pets, you may never find one cuter than Nybble. According to its makers, Nybble was designed to be the world’s cutest open source robotic kitten. While this kitten may not have fur or whiskers, it is full of life. You can control Nybble’s movements with a micro-controller or even with short voice commands (with the right programming).

Since this is an open source robot, it serves as a fantastic learning opportunity for kids and adults alike. According to the Nybble team, this innovative robotic pet is for anyone who likes “graceful cats, tiny computers, hackable software, customizable models, or connecting with new friends around the world.”

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