July 1, 2021 · IGG, In The News

The Most Popular Crowdfunding Campaign in Every State


Ever wonder which crowdfunding campaigns have raised the most funds in the US? How does crowdfunding campaign support vary by state? We stepped back and took a closer look at the data, and we saw some regional differences emerge, as well as some projects and categories that people all over the United States will rally behind.

That’s why this Fourth of July, we’re sharing the all-time top campaign for each state in the union. From eBikes to indie films to smart gadgets, you can explore the map below to see which campaigns have raised the most funds by state, and then read on to see where trends have emerged by region. Many of these campaigns have closed, but you’ll also find suggestions for similar campaigns that are currently live and need your love and support!

Without further ado, here are the top campaigns of all time for each of the United States. Click on the map to explore campaigns in different regions.

Overall trends

You’ll notice at a glance that there’s a lot of purple all over the map. That’s because in this case, purple means green! Eco-conscious and energy campaigns are the most popular across the United States, with a whopping 57% of states funding green campaigns above all others. Transportation comes in second place, taking up 22% of states. You can see the full breakdown here, and click on the links to see our current collection for each of these categories:


In the Northeast, some of the top campaigns have been great examples of people coming together to support their own communities. In Rhode Island, the top campaign of all time was to assist Providence resident Marisa Banigan in launching Raina to the Rescue!, a line of toys designed to help girls develop leadership and STEM skills. And in New York, a quintessentially New York campaigner takes the top slot. The team behind the photoblog Humans of New York ran a crowdfunding campaign in honor of Dr. Richard O’Reilly, the Chairman of Pediatrics at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The campaign raised nearly $4M to fund pediatric cancer research and to psychologically and socially support young cancer patients and their families.  


Green campaigns like Flow Hive and eBikes like The Babymaker and MATE X are among the most popular campaigns in the South. Flow Hive made history when it launched in 2015 and shattered numerous crowdfunding records. It revolutionized the honey extraction process and allowed beekeepers to get honey with neither muss nor fuss, letting gravity do much of the work of extraction and making the process safer for bees to boot. Beyond green campaigns and eBikes,  there was also some real love happening in Kentucky and Alabama for the Opal Nugget Ice Maker. We’re not surprised to see that this affordable, at-home ice maker was so popular in hot Southern states. And in Washington, D.C., the most popular campaign of all time was the recovery fund for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria

Want to support a local campaign? Check out Soul Journal, a project by artist Edi Hsu to capture on-the-spot portraits of Washington, D.C. in watercolors. 


Midwestern beekeepers unite! Flow Hive reigns supreme across the Midwest, with nearly every state in the region stanning this beehive that allows beekeepers to get their honey on tap. Some notable exceptions: In North Dakota, the campaign for Super Troopers 2 has raised more money than any other statewide. Contributions from North Dakotans (as well as other fans around the world) allowed the filmmakers behind the first Super Troopers movie to make a sequel. In Minnesota, eco-conscious Midwesterners love Lomi, a convenient countertop kitchen device that speeds up composting (and which you can still support in Indiegogo InDemand). And in South Dakota, locals came together for The Finish Line Fund to help a man in Sioux Falls raise money for his daughter’s rare disease. Thanks to their crowdfunding campaign, they raised enough to relaunch an unfinished Friedreich’s Ataxia research study.

Want to support a local campaign? Check out Twin Cakes, a bakery led by two teenage twins in Grand Rapids, Michigan!


Out west, backers love to get outside on their eBikes. The Babymaker and MATE X take the top slots in some of the biggest states in the nation. The Babymaker made waves last year when it raised more than $13.5M worldwide, and more than $3M of that came from the western United States. (The Babymaker is currently in InDemand, which means you haven’t missed your chance to support it!) In sunny Arizona, the Bluetti solar power station is the number one campaign of all time, and in Wyoming, backers rallied to fund the CLIMBR cardio and strength machine. In Nevada, concerned community members came together to revive the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas. Not only did they raise funds to restore the venue to its former glory, but they also created the number one crowdfunding campaign in Nevada history.

Want to support a local campaign? Check out the Wildfire Ceramic Studio in Missoula, Montana!

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