August 25, 2021 · IGG

6 Phone Accessories to Up Your Phone Game


No matter where you go, your phone probably goes with you. So why settle for the basic features of a stock phone? Indiegogo campaigners are always dreaming up new ways to get more out of your phone, so we compiled a few of the most exciting campaigns around phone accessories. 

But before diving in, it’s important to note that crowdfunding is not shopping. Many of these items are still in development and may not be available for some time. With your support, these will be on their way to making the world a little bit greener.

Here are six campaigns that are pushing the envelope of what phones can do.

PowerVision S1: World’s Smallest Smartphone Gimbal

Have you ever lined up a perfect video only to ruin it with shaky hands? The PowerVision S1 aims to solve this by offering the world’s smallest gimbal for your smartphone. With anti-shake stabilization, “power follow” framing, and facial recognition, the PowerVision S1 is designed to capture the highest quality photos and videos possible on your phone. Running, jumping, rolling — it doesn’t matter what you’re filming, you’ll get the perfect shot every time. And the best part is the PowerVision’s size: it folds down to about half the size of an iPhone, so you can take it anywhere you want to try your (steady) hand at cinematography.

AAWireless: Auto Connector

Do you have an Android Auto compatible car or multimedia unit? Would you like to connect wirelessly without the use of cables and without spending a fortune on upgrading your multimedia unit?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re a top candidate for the AAWireless Android auto connector. AAWireless is a simple plug-and-play device that allows your Android-compatible units to use a WiFi connection instead of connecting via a USB cable. Simply connect the AAWireless box to your car’s USB port and forget about it.

Timekettle WT2 Edge: Translating Earbuds

Qué? Quoi? Huh? — If these are common responses from locals when you’re traveling, check out the Timekettle WT2 Edge. Finally, natural real-time translation in 40 languages, all in a comfortable earbud. The WT2 Edge is the world’s first truly bi-directional, simultaneous translation earbud, translating as you speak and delivering your speech to your interlocutor in as little as 0.5 seconds. With up to 95% accuracy in 40 languages and 93 accents, the WT2 is the ultimate tool for breaking the language barrier. No more awkward pauses or interpreters, just fast and accurate translations. C’est si bon!

Astro Slide 5G Transformer

The team at Planet Computers never stops innovating. Their award-winning devices took CES by storm 2 years ago, and their latest innovation is poised to shake up the market again. The Astro Slide, the first 5G smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, is the fastest 5G device announced to date. Astro’s revolutionary RockUp™ slider hinge also transforms the powerful 6.39″ touchscreen smartphone into a mini laptop, featuring Planet’s signature tactile backlit keyboard. Astro Slide is great for emails, messaging, editing documents, making calls and taking photos. Astro Slide runs Android 11 OS with a multi-boot option for supporting Linux as well. All this adds up to a new, faster phone option that can take your personal productivity to the next level.

iMicro Q2: 800x Microscope

Microscopes allow you to get up close and personal with the world around you. But until now, microscopes were bulky, expensive, and hard to use. Enter the iMicro Q2, an 800x microscope that’s compatible with any smartphone. Simply affix the Q2 to the lens of your phone, and immediately enjoy the wonders of the miniscule. The Q2 brings up to 800x of magnification, high resolution up to 1 micron, and very low distortion — all at a price point that rivals the cost of your phone case. It works with any phone too, so there’s very little setup between you and the micro-world around you.

INMO AIR: World’s Lightest True AR Glasses

See the world through AR-colored lenses! Advances in AR glasses have lagged in recent years, partly because accessible technology, fashionable designs, and easy-to-use applications are just not quite there yet. But that was until INMO AIR stepped into the game. INMO, the world’s lightest AR glasses at only 76g,  are designed to assist your everyday activities and let you stay fashionable on the go. INMO Air glasses display information that’s superimposed over the real world. It’s a smart and safe wearable technology equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, HD 720p camera, an advanced optical waveguide see-through display, a WiFi connection, and voice and gesture control for hands-free communication. See the world through AR-color lenses!

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