November 2, 2021 · IGG, In The News

The Indiegogo Podcast Is Back and Better Than Ever!


Want to get straight talk on how to run a great crowdfunding campaign? We’re rebooting Indiegogo Go Time, the official Indiegogo podcast, to help entrepreneurs understand everything they need to know to build a community, raise funds, communicate with backers, and more. 

Our hosts Adeeti Goswami and Stacy Bradford have been giving entrepreneurs hands-on guidance at Indiegogo for years. Adeeti is Indiegogo’s Manager of Hardware and Design and Stacy is Indiegogo’s Senior Hardware Manager, and together they’ve worked on thousands of Indiegogo campaigns that raised millions of dollars in backer funding. They’ve navigated every type of campaign to success, and now they’re here to share their expertise with you on our relaunched podcast!

Through a series of frank conversations and exclusive one-on-one interviews, Adeeti and Stacy will talk through what works — and what doesn’t. They’ll help you understand how to achieve a successful crowdfunding campaign and break down strategies for every step of the way, from pre-launch to post-campaign. Learn how to overcome challenges, avoid pitfalls, and find a pathway to success. 

This season, we’ll cover the pre-launch phase of running a crowdfunding campaign. This is where the real work happens! What you do before launching has a huge bearing on your campaign’s overall success. Case in point: You should aim to reach at least 30% of your funding goal in the first 48 hours. And that fast fundraising  doesn’t just happen. You need to build an email list, conduct careful outreach, leverage your network, and more. And we’re covering all of that in this season of Go Time!

Stay tuned for our subsequent seasons as well, which will cover running a live campaign and handling post-campaign logistics. 

Meet the hosts

Now that you know about the upcoming reboot, keep reading to meet Stacy and Adeeti and hear what they have to say about the podcast.

What are you most excited about tackling in this podcast?

STACY: I’m a contrarian by nature – so what I’m most excited about tackling is the conventional wisdom that’s out there around crowdfunding.  There’s a lot of it out there from questionable and outdated sources, and it’s time entrepreneurs have access to general advice from actual crowdfunding experts.

ADEETI: Hmm good question. There’s a lot of information out there and I think it can get overwhelming for someone who is starting the journey towards crowdfunding. I hope that we’re able to provide a general framework that helps listeners break down the process into bite-sized pieces so it’s a little less confusing for someone who is just getting started.

Who are you most excited about to have as a guest on the show?

STACY: Great question!  I love speaking to entrepreneurs to learn about their story and the tech behind the campaign.  So for me – I’d have to say it’s the entrepreneurs with unique stories and tech that our listeners can learn from and apply to their next campaign.

ADEETI: I hope we can provide a real range of guests for our listeners. Stacy and I have both worked with massive campaigns over the years and they have a lot to teach our future campaigners, but there is also a lot to learn from the smaller and scrappier projects that had a more unconventional path to success.

How do you feel about Indiegogo rebooting its podcast?

STACY: I’m very passionate about crowdfunding, and I, personally, love podcasts.  So it’s about time!

ADEETI: I’m so excited! I’m all about breaking down walls and trying to ensure that we don’t become gatekeepers. Crowdfunding is a direct reaction to gatekeeping behavior, and it’s important to me to always be on the side of providing access – access to resources, knowledge, and people who can help you make big things happen.

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