March 16, 2022 · IGG, In The News

Indiegogo and Clearco Team Up to Launch $10M Creators Fund


Indiegogo is excited to announce the launch of the Indiegogo Creators Fund, a $10 million fund powered by Clearco to accelerate the growth of crowdfunding campaigns.

The Indiegogo Creators Fund will allow Indiegogo entrepreneurs to receive a capital advance based on their funds raised to date, allowing them to reinvest, receive more contributions for their crowdfunding campaigns, and grow their businesses. 

“Our entrepreneurs are introducing some of the most incredible new products into the world, and we don’t want access to capital to be a barrier to their success,” says Jonathan Jue, Indiegogo’s Chief Financial Officer. “Clearco has helped fund dozens of Indiegogo campaigns in the past year alone, and we are thrilled to expand this initiative to as many entrepreneurs as possible.”  

Clearco has already been working with Indiegogo entrepreneurs by providing marketing advances to help brands scale their campaigns. To date, they have invested over $2.5 million into Indiegogo projects. With the creation of the Indiegogo Creators Fund, Clearco will quadruple this investment over the coming year. Clearco will also be expanding its investment into Indiegogo Creators to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

“Through traditional funding options, thousands of founders aren’t given the capital and opportunity they need to grow their businesses. Often things like social class, gender, race and ethnicity play into whose ideas get funded. Alternative funding models like Clearco and Indiegogo break down these barriers to unleash the entrepreneurial potential that exists in every corner of the world,” says Michele Romanow, CEO of Clearco. 

Check out the case studies below to learn more about how Clearco has already helped Indiegogo campaigners grow their businesses.

Clearco Case Study: Stoggles

Stoggles are the first goggles designed to look and feel like classic eyewear frames while helping to protect eyes from grimy fingers. Clearco helped Stoggles at a critical moment in their business journey. In 2020, Stoggles was two days away from reaching the end of their financial runway. Clearco stepped in to provide capital within 48 hours so the company could roll out new marketing initiatives. Clearco’s initiative with Indiegogo gave Stoggles the additional funding they needed to raise $1.3 million in their crowdfunding campaign. With over 27,000 backers, Stoggles was able to successfully launch their business and become the go-to eyewear of thousands of front-line workers in America.

Clearco Case Study: Zendure

Zendure was founded in 2013 to address shortcomings in the mobile power market. Durable yet stylish, their A-Series became one of the most popular power banks available. Clearco provided them with a $200,000 advance to support their business strategy. They’ve run 13 campaigns on Indiegogo to date. Their most recent campaign, for the SuperBase Pro, raised over $1.4M. With capital from Clearco, Zendure is able to continue their mission to become the leading brand in the outdoor clean energy lifestyle market and invest in climate-friendly practices that ensure our planet’s protection.

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