April 19, 2022 · IGG, Products

Introducing Discussion Threads, A New Way to Keep Your Backers Engaged and Updated


Ran an Indiegogo campaign or have recently backed one last year? We’ve got an update for you! Campaigners and backers will be able to enjoy a new and improved user experience in the discussion tab of campaign pages, particularly those that have launched before June 2021. If you’ve launched a campaign after June 2021, you’re in luck — your campaign will already have these awesome features. 

Here is a list of improvements our team recently rolled out:

  • Logged-in users will now be able to reply to each other’s comments. Now your backers and fans will be able to connect with each other and help each other learn more about your campaign.
  • You can now upvote or downvote on comments and replies, making the most valuable information easier to find. You and your backers can help each other discover and elevate interesting, fun, and helpful conversations before, during, and after your crowdfunding campaign. 
  • As long as you’re logged in, you can now take part and join any conversation in the discussion tab. For campaigners, this is an opportunity to connect with potential backers: address their questions, gather feedback, and connect with them even before they make a contribution.
  • Identifying existing backers is made easy with Backer Badges! If you’re a campaigner, you’ll be able to identify comments posted by backers who have contributed to the campaign with a dedicated badge.
  • It’s important that our community feels safe and heard. All logged-in users will now be able to report comments that violate our Community Guidelines on any campaign page.

Indiegogo is always releasing new features to help entrepreneurs and creators connect with backers. Indiegogo’s backers are the backbone of our community, and campaigners can use our expanding suite of features to keep backers engaged, excited, and updated. Together, we can work together to bring new ideas and innovation to life.