Earth Day is a special time at Indiegogo. Over the course of Indiegogo’s 14 year history, our platform has helped entrepreneurs and creators launch scores of innovative products that have allowed backers to make greener choices and foster a more environmentally-friendly world. Waste-free home products, clothing crafted from ocean-bound plastic, portable solar-powered generators, alternative forms of transportation, and more have all found funding and community support on Indiegogo.

This Earth Day, we’re featuring some of our favorite green campaigns and projects. Watch our video roundup to discover innovative eco-friendly products and keep reading to learn more about how you can support them.

Friendly disclaimer: These products are in various stages of development. These innovations aren’t quite here yet, but they’re closer than you think…and they’re worth the wait.  Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed.

Read on for our favorite green campaigns on Indiegogo. Which ones will you support today?


Bee populations are in danger around the world, and it can be a heavy lift for beekeepers to keep their own hives alive and healthy. In fact, 50% of hives die every year. The ProtectaBEE has apiarists rejoicing. ProtectaBEE is an all-in-one adjustable hive entrance that can help you deliver treatments to your bees to protect them from Verro mites, diseases, and pesticide poisoning. Its unique cone inserts allows bees to move freely while protecting the hive from predators. It also makes bee vectoring much easier. Bee vectoring is based on the idea that bees can carry fungal powders out to plants to fight pests and disease, and ProtectaBEE makes it easy for beekeepers to provide powders to their colonies.

Nagual composter

Composting reduces waste, makes us less dependent on landfills, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. And adding compost to soil promotes healthy plant growth. But composting at home creates unpleasant odors, and sometimes results in garbage juice leaking all over your kitchen. With Nagual, you’ll be able to turn your waste into nutrient-rich compost in only 1.5 hours. It turns food waste into dry matter that can be stored odor-free anywhere you want. Food waste is 70%-80% liquid, which generates smells, attracting insects and wild animals. Nagual’s proprietary heat-drying technology significantly reduces the volume and weight of your food scraps, making it easy for anyone to compost no matter how big or small your kitchen is. 


Growing your own food is good for the environment. Locally grown vegetables reduce carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. But not everyone has acres of land to start growing fresh greens. The HydroArtPod indoor garden system only needs one square meter of vertical space on your wall, making it perfect for apartment dwellers who want to add more greenery to the world. Thanks to its elegant wall-mounted design, you can grow up to 30 different herbs and vegetables indoors without taking up too much space in your home. Grow tomatoes, peppers, green beans, kale, and more, and enjoy your vegetables with peace of mind knowing that they’ve remained free of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or other suspicious substances throughout the entire growing process.

Sol + Sonder Travel Wallet

Solar energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions and also reduces pollution from dangerous air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, mercury and particulate matter. The Sol + Sonder Travel Wallet allows you to never run out of clean, solar energy no matter where you go. And with a stylish design that comes in multiple colors, this wallet is making solar power look fabulous in the process and turns renewable energy into a fashionable accessory. Tucked away inside these sleek, Napa leather wallets are detachable custom-built power banks and your choice of two or three solar panels, allowing you to always have the power you need to fuel your lifestyle without harming the planet.

PANGEA Eco Jacket

By some estimates, more than 10 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, and less than 9% of all plastic gets recycled. PANGEA is working to change that with their circular economy philosophy. They’ve already collected more than 18 thousand kilograms of trash since 2019. Their eco-jacket is made from recycled plastic, and with its lifetime warranty and free repairs, they promise it will be the only jacket you need for your adventures. It’s 100% waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and compact. It’s also easy to pack for any trip and has 21 amazing features. And the best part? You can help make fast fashion consumption a thing of the past. Supporting  PANGEA means you’re actually reducing waste instead of contributing to it, making it the ideal outdoor jacket that you can feel good about. If you love getting outside, you’ll want to prioritize making sure your gear is carbon negative.


Commuting by bicycle significantly reduces your carbon footprint. If everyone biked to work for just one day, emissions for that day would be reduced by almost two million tons. HONBIKE is an eBike that can let you commute to work in style. HONBIKE is powered by a completely enclosed shaft drive system, which means you won’t have to concern yourself with slipped bike chains or dirty clothes. It folds down in 15 seconds and is built for ease of use that promises to keep you riding for 40 thousand kilometers maintenance-free. And just like Tom Waits, HONBIKE is big in Japan: its creators have already delivered 5,600 futuristic, foldable eBikes to enthusiastic Japanese backers. 

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