October 21, 2022 · IGG, In The News

Meet Your Stuff Made, The Indiegogo Expert On A Mission To Make Crowdfunding More Sustainable


Get to know the story behind our newest addition to the Experts Directory in this guest post by Your Stuff Made‘s co-founder and head of partnerships Anjali Kumanan, and learn more about ethical manufacturing.

Crowdfunding can be daunting, and trying to navigate it with minimal knowledge can make it even scarier, but you’ve come to the right place. Here at Indiegogo, we’re all about building out an ecosystem of experts to guide you through the journey. So, if you’re in the market to explore product development or simply turn your beautiful artwork into ethically manufactured products, Your Stuff Made (YSM) is the way to go.

The Your Stuff Made Group is an agency built by creatives for creatives. They understand the growing pains of turning awesome ideas into reality and they create products that wow! You may remember Indiegogo’s iconic Pridosaurs campaign, designed and run by popular Australian comedian and LGBTQIA+ advocate Jordan Rasko. The youthful crew behind the marketing and creation of this successful launch was Your Stuff Made. With a background in consulting and collaborating with worldwide brands such as Adidas, Uber, and Netflix, the team over at YSM caters to entrepreneurs big and small across all categories from tech & innovation to creative works to community projects.

Simply put, YSM already knows the headaches that come with sourcing and financing your dream project. When creators are new to navigating an industry such as manufacturing, they often find suppliers and designers that don’t necessarily end up producing a product to their standards and expectations. Moreover, by not understanding the bigger picture, entrepreneurs and their backers could even be investing in unethical and environmentally damaging systems, which is commonly associated with creating anything physical – from a patented product to merchandise and packaging. 

YSM identified this roadblock for creators and inventors early on, and with their team’s expertise in the creative corporate world, they set off on a journey to make ethical and affordable manufacturing an accessible reality. They’re here to turn the manufacturing industry from a villain into a hero in this chapter of your story! 

So how do they measure and define Ethical Manufacturing? 

For starters, the Your Stuff Made Group owns its own registered ethical certification (NFP), EthicallyProduced.org. This ensures their partners follow the latest environmental, social, and governance policies and corporate social responsibility regulations. Partners must abide by these rules in order to access their extensive list of project leads internationally. They use their collective buying power for good by only working with compliant manufacturers. Ethical manufacturing is our shared responsibility and when powered by technology, it gives Indiegogo’s clients infinite product options and potential for positive change.

In more detailed terms, YSM focuses on three pillars…People, Planet, and Product. 


For YSM, sustainability and ethics begin with ensuring the people making our products are respected and looked after. They believe the lifespan of a product begins here. EthicallyProduced.org ensures people are empowered by introducing: 

  • Paid sick leave 
  • Paid holiday leave 
  • Regulated labor hours 
  • Compliant safety equipment 
  • Effective feedback and communication channels to create change 


YSM bridges the gap between accessing sustainable and affordable manufacturing that does not cost the earth. 

EthicallyProduced.org ensures factories YSM works with use: 

  • Non-toxic materials 
  • Sustainable packaging 
  • Low carbon emission freight 


YSM’s agency approach gives Indiegogo’s clients the ability to consult and develop valuable product options that align with a strong vision. 

Your Stuff Made Group ensures that products:

  • are created with quality materials that last. 
  • have reduced biodegradable lifespan and low environmental impact.
  • can be repurposed and repaired.

So creators now know avenues they can access to ensure their project and product is made to the highest standards whilst still being ethical. But, how will all this information give you the confidence to begin crowdfunding and promise backers the investment product or gift of their dreams?

Don’t worry, YSM has thought this through! Your dream product is only the tip of the iceberg, because it takes an equally efficient roadmap and digital system to support your rollout to your backers.

Your Stuff Made also provides a holistic turn-key solution, where their portfolio of global clients such as Riot Games, Owlcrate, and Glow Recipe have given them the ability to provide a high level of project management services and prices to you, which were once only available for larger brands. 

To date, their team is one of few in the world that has a dedicated division specialized in helping small and emerging companies, creators, and inventors navigate the set up and execution of their dream projects. 

They’re always on hand to support our Indiegogo community – and find as many ways as possible to cheer you on as you start your journey! 

Get in touch with Your Stuff Made for a brainstorming session by visiting them on the Indiegogo Experts Directory.