October 17, 2022 · IGG, Lists, Products

13 Spooky Crowdfunding Projects to Support This Halloween


Spooky season is in full effect. To celebrate, we’ve compiled some of the best Halloween-inspired projects and products that crowdfunding fans can support.

Keep reading to discover creepy projects ranging from a card game that lets you “exorcise” cursed photographs to a collection of scary stories for kids inspired by ’90s classics. Then, explore the complete Spooky Season collection

Remember that all of these gadget campaigns are in various fundraising stages. While they aren’t available for immediate purchase, you can become a backer to get these products one step closer to being in your hands! Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed. Contribute to their crowdfunding campaigns to get them on the road to success!

Many gadgets today have a standard tech vibe that’s great for everyday use. But if you’re looking for some with a spooky aesthetic, consider supporting the Kranio audio speakers below.

1. Kranio Audio Speakers

Kranio seeks to combine the organic with the mechanical by handcrafting audio speakers in the shape of a lynx skull with cybernetic implants for a complete cyberpunk design. Each speaker is hand-painted to make the 3D design appear authentic. In addition, it has an acoustic transmission line and uses Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure excellent sound quality.

Wish you had some more Halloween-themed games to add to your game night collection? Check out the games below and help creators bring them to life by backing their campaigns.

2. Photoghasts Haunted Photo Card Game

Photoghasts is a card game made up of creepy photos that can be scanned using the Photoghasts app, where the game is animated and players compete to “exorcise” the Photoghasts. The app calculates scores and includes other features to make the game even more exciting. The best part about this campaign is that Photoghasts is currently being shipped, so you won’t have to wait to receive your copy.

3. Zombies!!! 20th-Anniversary Edition Board Game

If you’re a fan of the original Zombies!!! board game, you might be interested in supporting this campaign for the 20th-anniversary edition with new cards, tiles, and other features. It also includes a dice-less option and 3D pieces to improve gameplay.

If you’ve jumped on the podcast trend, the following campaigns feature horror-filled projects perfect for the spooky-loving listener.

4. Afflicted: A Horror Thriller Audio Drama

Afflicted is a horror podcast told in an anthology format. The first season tells the story of hoodoo-believing characters who must save their religious town from natural disasters. Afflicted is on track to premiere on Halloween 2022, and backers receive perks such as early access and behind-the-scenes content.

5. Oddity Roadshow Comedy-Horror AP Podcast

Oddity Roadshow is an actual play podcast, which means it follows the framework of a tabletop game. The producers and cast have been campaigning to fund music and other materials to make the show more cinematic. The show is set to premiere on November 1, 2022, but supporters can still receive perks for contributing to the campaign.

If you prefer to read your creepy content, take a look at the following campaigns for books and comics featuring stories to keep you up at night.

6. FRIGHTLAND Scary Stories for Kids

FRIGHTLAND is a collection of scary stories for middle school kids inspired by classics like Goosebumps. It even features cover art by Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus. The campaign allows supporters to preorder the first four books of the 12-book series.

7. Welcome to Shipsgrave Illustrated Creepy Short Stories

Welcome to Shipsgrave is an anthology of 100 illustrated creepy short stories. If you’re looking for a quick read this spooky season, Welcome to Shipsgrave has digital copies and discounted hardcover copies available to order immediately from their campaign page.

8. Witch Creek Road Survival Horror Comic Book

Witch Creek Road is a survival horror comic book that is currently published online. The writer, Garth Mathams, had a goal to turn his online publication into a hardcover comic with a yearbook aesthetic. The finished product is 220 pages of full-color illustrations, yearbook-style pages, and more.

9. Cannibals on Mars Sci-Fi Horror Comic Book

Cannibals on Mars is a 48-page sci-fi horror comic book featuring Melissa Marshall, a science officer who helps lead her colony through some gory situations. Backer perks just began shipping on October 4, 2022, and supporters can still claim their exclusive content.

Halloween is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with some popcorn and a scary movie. If you’re looking for something new, consider contributing to the campaigns below and following along in the filmmaking process.

10. Never Hike Alone 2 Friday the 13th Fan Film

Never Hike Alone 2 is the final film in the Never Hike Alone Fan Film saga, which includes Never Hike Alone and Never Hike in the Snow. It is a feature-length film, and backers can receive exclusive content such as digital downloads, merchandise, and more.

11. Wolf Hollow Werewolf Horror Comedy Film

Wolf Hollow is a horror comedy film about a group of filmmakers that stumble across a werewolf den while on a location scout. Producers released the first trailer for Wolf Hollow in October 2022. Many perks, such as merchandise and private screenings, are available for supporters.

12. AREA 5150 Sci-Fi Horror Feature Film

AREA 5150 is a sci-fi horror film with a touch of comedy that centers around the infamous Area 51. If you’re interested in aliens, UFOs, or just horror in general, consider backing the campaign to receive signed merchandise, props, and more.

13. Macabre Mountain Horror Action Movie

Macabre Mountain is a horror action movie about a law enforcement agent encountering evil during his travels to West Virginia. Filming for Macabre Mountain started in September 2022. The campaign is currently trying to reach a stretch goal before they finish filming.

If you loved the creepy crowdfunding campaigns listed above, there are plenty more where that came from. Indiegogo’s Spooky Season collection features creative projects centered around horror, Halloween, and general spookiness. Browse our Spooky Season Collection now to find campaigns you want to support.