September 14, 2022 · IGG, Lists, Products

7 New Gadgets and Games Coming Soon in Fall 2022


At Indiegogo, you’ll always find the latest new ideas and innovations of the future. Don’t miss out on all the new and upcoming gadgets that will be available for backers and crowdfunding this fall season. 

You’ll find an AI-driven hands-free lawnmower, several e-bikes for off-roading enthusiasts, and a radiation blocker for smartphone users that ensures a solid night of uninterrupted sleep. Gaming enthusiasts will love our upcoming fantasy horror game inspired by the likes of Dungeons and Dragons and Annihilation. Movie lovers will appreciate the slim, lightweight projector that provides a screen size of up to 100 inches when placed only a few feet away.

Read on to learn more about new and upcoming trends in tech and innovation. Don’t forget to sign up for notifications when these crowdfunding campaigns become available!

Remember that all of these gadget campaigns are in various fundraising stages. While they aren’t available for immediate purchase, you can become a backer to get these products one step closer to being in your hands! Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed. Contribute to their crowdfunding campaigns to get them on the road to success!

The Longest Rest RPG

Roleplaying Game: The Longest Rest

Are you a role-playing gaming enthusiast who loves Dungeons and Dragons and House of Leaves? Get ready for The Longest Rest, a female-founded gaming adventure for all RPG lovers. Enter into the game as a weary traveler seeking shelter from past sins in a quiet tavern. However, the pub has a mind of its own — and gamers will need to discover how to protect themselves from an unwanted fate.

Sondors E-Bike

Calling all e-bike enthusiasts! Sondors is well-known for its turbo-powered e-bikes that can take on any terrain and provide riders with an easy, enjoyable experience when traveling from one location to another. Sondors is outdoing itself this fall with a product drop of 12 e-bikes fit for every rider’s needs. Sign up as a backer to get one-time pre-sale pricing and ongoing product updates.

Elvy AI Charger

Are you concerned about your ability to get a good night’s sleep while your smartphone sits on your nightstand, emitting radiation that impacts your snooze quality? The Elvy AI Charger is coming soon and promises to eliminate up to 95% of EMF radiation waves while charging. Go to bed knowing you’ll get the whole night’s rest you deserve while still receiving essential texts and calls and waking up to your phone’s alarm.

Hunna: Da Beast of the Streetz E-Bike

Hunna: Da Beast of the Streetz e-bike will bring its stylish design and heavy-duty motor to outdoor enthusiasts this fall! Enjoy a wide range of color options, including bone white, platinum, pollen, and solar red. We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are for this fresh take on biking!

HonyMow – The Real Hands-Free Robotic Lawn Mower

You likely love how your lawn looks when it’s freshly mowed – but hate the actual mowing process! Get ready for this AI-driven lawnmower that takes smart electronics to a whole new level. Forget about electronic power mowers; this hands-free device takes care of your lawn with little outside help. The HonyMow tackles lawns up to 43,055 squared feet in size, ensuring a seamless mowing experience you can handle easily with your phone. It even mows in straight lines — no one will know you didn’t mow your lawn yourself unless you decide to tell them.

Buxus Eva – An E-bike With a Motorcycle Spirit

Attention off-roading lovers: are you ready to take your love for adventure to an e-bike with a motorcycle spirit? The Buxus Eva utilizes a high-powered battery to allow you to travel up to 75 miles without needing a charge. Using a mid-drive motor with 1,500w capacity, you can trek along at 38 miles per hour. Plus, the Buxus comes with a downloadable app you can use to track battery life and cycle stats. No terrain is too much for the Buxus; take on gravel roads, mountains, and stairs — all in one ride!

Yaber Pico T1 – The Slimmest and Portable Projector

Are you a movie enthusiast who loves to share their newest picks with friends? If so, you’ll appreciate the Yaber Pico, a super-slim, fully portable projector that fits into your pocket! This projector offers a screen projection of up to 100 inches when placed just 6.6 feet away. Sign up for product updates and obtain a 40%-off super early-bird discount when fundraising becomes available.

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