August 15, 2023 · Product Reviews

Lumaflex is a must-have for wellness lovers


Indiegogo staffers are putting crowdfunded products to the test in our new series of honest reviews. In this edition, our very own campaign strategy manager Adeeti Goswami tried out LUMAFLEX, which is live now on Indiegogo. Does it live up to the hype? Read on as we put it to the test!

As a lover of fitness and wellness, red light therapy is something I’ve used enough over the years to really see the benefits in action. I’ve used red light during facials to help with regeneration and skin health, but red light devices for sore muscles have always been too pricey or clunky to use with the frequency I’d like in order to see long-term benefits.

If you’re a wellness enthusiast, you’re already well aware of the potential benefits, like soothing sore muscles, promoting skin health, and boosting overall well-being. I didn’t want to rely solely on pricey clinics or spa sessions, so I decided to give it a shot at home. Enter the Lumaflex. In the time I’ve been testing it, this little device has been an absolute game-changer for my daily wellness routine.

The Lumaflex.

The Lumaflex came in a handy portable hard case that protected the device through its journey to me. It’s got a slim profile and is easy to store even with my limited storage options with apartment living. The panel felt surprisingly lightweight yet durable and the sleek, flexible design meant I could easily use it wherever I wanted. The device came with plenty of charge left in its rechargeable battery, so I was able to start testing it right out of the box.

Lumaflex in its carrying case – very handy.

Some features I appreciated:

  • Customizable Flexibility: The Lumaflex panel is incredibly flexible, allowing me to bend and shape it to target specific areas on my body. I wrapped it around my sore shoulders followed by a session with my arms, and then laid it flat to treat my abdominals. The flexibility of this device is a real game-changer — one device helps you easily target every single sore spot.
  • Dual-Spectrum Technology: This panel offers both red and near-infrared light, covering a broader range of wavelengths for enhanced therapeutic effects.
  • Timer Function: The built-in timer makes it guess-proof. You just sit back and relax while the Lumaflex panel does its magic, automatically shutting off when you’ve had the optimal amount of red light.
  • Compact and Portable: I love how I can take this device anywhere with me. It’s perfect for travel, so I never have to miss out on my red light therapy sessions. I took it with me to the gym so I could start my session right after my workout and it was unobtrusive enough that I could just slip my shirt right over it while I got ready.

My first time using the Lumaflex was after a few days of intense workouts. My muscles were screaming for some relief, so I wrapped the flexible panel around my legs and shoulders. The warmth of the red light instantly eased the tension while the red light did its thing.

It’s easy to use.

I really love that the portability and flexibility means I can have the Lumaflex on during meetings or while doing the dishes without it disrupting my day, which means I’m way more likely to actually use it. All of the other red light devices I’ve tried have required me to sit still and zone out while using them, which can be relaxing, but it’s also hard to justify taking a recovery break and I’ve found I just end up making excuses to avoid using it. The Lumaflex is so useful that I’ve found myself keeping it within easy reach so I can use it while finishing other tasks.

My roommate also recently pulled something in her inner thigh that prevented her from staying active. A few sessions with the Lumaflex have her feeling much better. It definitely sped up her recovery and she feels like it helped her get back on her feet and in ballet class much faster.

Flexible enough to use anywhere.

The Lumaflex is an excellent device that has become an indispensable part of my at-home wellness arsenal. Whether it’s after a challenging workout or a long day hunched over my laptop, this little gem never fails to help. Its usefulness was apparent after just a few sessions, but wellness routines are built over regular, longtime use. The Lumaflex’s flexibility and portability have made it really stand out from alternatives I’ve explored. The flexible panels and endless ways of wrapping the device makes it so easy to incorporate it into my existing day, which means I can finally reap the long-term benefits of red light therapy at home.

To learn more, check out the campaign for LUMAFLEX: Revolutionary Red Light Therapy Panelnow live on Indiegogo.