Lauren lemon creative ways to recoup after a loss

Lauren Lemon is using IndieGoGo to recoup after $7000 worth of photography equipment was stolen from her apartment.


We talk a lot about creative and cause-driven campaigns here, but what about using IndieGoGo to help fund something else altogether?

These creative and talented people are using the help of the crowd to make it through some of life’s major events.

Phoot Camp Benefit

Lauren Lemon’s passion — and her living — comes from photography. But a few weeks ago her apartment was broken into and $7000 worth of photography equipment was stolen while her sister and she slept in the other room. Her photo camp friends are each donating a signed print to anyone who donates to help Lauren recoup her belongings and get back on her feet.

Morgan green metal arts school

Support Morgan Green

Morgan Green is almost halfway to her $5000 goal to help pay tuition to finish school at Vancouver Metal Arts. As you can probably imagine, her aritstic perks are pretty cool. (And awesomely enough, they start at $10.)

Law books or groceries

Law Books Or Groceries

Jacqueline is also looking for help to pay part of her college expenses. We love this perk: for a $500 donation you get 3 hours of legal counseling. Think of it as keeping a soon-to-be lawyer on retainer.

Erin and edmund

IVF for Erin and Edmund

Erin and Edmund have been trying to have a baby for a long time and are now trying to raise money for an IVF procedure. This couple has some interesting friends and relatives who are throwing in perks, too, like a signed board game by the creator of Baldur’s Gate, Welsh geneological research, plant seeds from France, a weekend on a farm in Virginia, a photography session, a custom tune on a fiddle…. And can you imagine, if all these peeople will be babysitting, what a cool kid this baby will grow up to be?