Andre johnson fund

When something happens twice, then it’s a trend, right?

For the second time in as many months, fans have turned to IndieGoGo to raise funds for professional athletes.

It sounds crazy, raising money for professional football players who probably don’t really need the money, but here’s what it’s all about: fans get upset when players get fined as a penalty for something that fans think is justified (speaking out against bad play calling, lashing out at an opponent who notoriously antagonizes), and fans take it upon themselves to raise the the money in the amount of the fine to pay it for the team or player.

In Andre Johnson’s case, he’s vowed to donate all proceeds raised on IndieGoGo in his name to charity. So if you’re donating to the DONATE TO CHARITY and say thanks to Johnson for laying the beatdown on Finnegan campaign, you’re really just donating for the principle of the thing.

The Bomber Fine Fund was raising money to pay the fines for “the Bombers for speaking the truth about the refs,” and argued that Canadian football players aren’t exactly rollin’ in it the way American athletes are. So they could actually use the cash.

In the end, 100 funders ponied up $2,168 for the Bombers, and Andre Johnson’s “thanks” has raised $2,150 from 85 contributors.

What do you think? Would you fund a campaign to send a message about your favorite sports team?