As we always say, one of the great things about IndieGoGo is that anyone can use our site to raise money for any idea, project, cause or passion. These three campaigns showcase the broad range of people using IndieGoGo. The one thing they have in common? Total passion for what they’re doing.

UpBeat NYC is a musical outreach for inner-city NYC youth. The dedicated program staff and volunteers are committed to bringing classical music education to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

They’re using IndieGoGo to raise money for instruments that the most dedicated kids in the program can use both during instruction and to take home for practice.

Cuda — World’ Ugliest Dog Contest

It may seem strange that someone’s raising money to enter their pooch into the World’s Ugliest Dog competition, but these dedicated dog owners want to shed light on the problems of inbreeding, line breeding and culling in pit bull populations. Watch Cuda’s pitch video and you’ll understand why she’s one truly special pet.

Satarii IndieGoGo Campaign from Satarii on Vimeo.

Satarii Star Accessory

This mobile video accessory acts as a “smart” tripod. Clip the sensor onto your person (or whatever you want the camera to follow) and the Satarii Star accessory pivots your mounted phone to follow the action.

The product developers need to merge their two prototypes — their “works like” model with their “looks like” model. And they need additional help in funding that step in the process. Once you check out their pitch video you’ll want one of your own!