January 21, 2011 · IGG

What’s New in 2011 – Partnerships


We are about 3 weeks in and already its been a great start to 2011. And now, we are introducing a new feature on IndieGoGo – Partner Pages!

We have some pretty amazing partner organizations that we have been working with for a while, and now we have made it easier to showcase their campaigns for everyone to see.

SFFS - Partner

FA - Partner

All of our partner affiliated campaigns have this orange ribbon indicating that they are a part of something bigger then just their campaign.

Perpetual Burn - SFFS FA Bully Project Partner

Perpetual Burn is fiscally-sponsored by SFFS The Bully Project is fiscally-sponsored by FA

IndieGoGo is all about evening the playing field with funding. Through our partnerships, we are helping organizations offer more fundraising tools to all of their clients. It’s a win-win! Are you involved with an organization that might want to partner? Send us an email at partners@indiegogo.com.