On IndieGoGo this week, photographers who take immense risks to give us a more accurate look at the world around us.

tom hurndall

The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall

Trolley Books is raising funds for the publication of a book of photographs and writings by the late British peace activist and photojournalist Tom Hurdnall, who was shot in the head in Gaza in 2003 while leading a group of stranded Palestinian children to safety.

women in war

Women in War

Melanie Aronson is raising funds to travel to the Middle East to work on a project that depicts the women affected by the violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Petionville Club

Petionville Club: Life in Haiti's Tent Cities

Claire Martin, an Australian-based photojournalist, has been working in refugee camps in Haiti to document living conditions in the aftermath of the January, 2010 earthquake.