Cancer SUX

Gloria, a mother of four, who is currently receiving treatment for bone cancer.

Check out some of the unique and amazing ways campaign owners are using IndieGoGo to fight cancer and help others overcome the disease and its financial burden.

CANCER SUX and Gloria is a fighter!

Kelly is helping to raise funds for her cousin, Gloria, a mother of four who is currently receiving treatment for bone cancer in her jaw. Gloria has had to stop working since her diagnosis, and contributions to her campaign will go to help her with medical and living expenses.


Friends of Brian Viziondanz

In 2005 Brian was part of a team that helped reopen Stonehenge to the public for the traditional Summer Solstice celebrations. A peace activist and light worker, Brian has inspired many, and now his friends are raising funds to help with medical expenses related to his pancreatic cancer diagnosis in January of this year.


Katie's Comfort Fund

Michele is raising funds for her friend, Katie, who is currently receiving radiation treatements for cancer. Her current treatment, which Michele is helping raise money for, will cause less pain and allow Katie to spend more time with her family.

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Creators with Cancer

Phillip Jeffrey is taking a different approach to fighting cancer. He has lived with multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer, for 5 years. He is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo for a digital storytelling project that would document the stories of creative people living with cancer.