Evermore pet food

Hanna and Alison met in New York City in 2009 when Alison hired Hanna to walk her dog, Connor.

The former magazine editor and former bike messenger bonded over their deep love for animals and passion for healthy, sustainable food. The idea for Evermore pet food was launched!

Evermore pet food is created with human-grade ingredients that are so nutritious just one serving contains as many nutrients for a 75-pound dog as 10 cans of regular pet food. And it's so natural and delicious that, to help raise brand awareness, Alison and Hanna actually ate nothing but Evermore dog food for a month!

After introducing their line of dog food around boutiques in New York, Alison and Hanna are ready to expand Evermore (and yes, they'll be making cat food, too!).

But they need your help.

The two are raising $18,000 for small business start-up expenses like advertising, trade show presence, research and development and packaging.

Perks include, of course, samples of their all-natural food.

Check out their campaign here.