Projective Space

We have a new home at Projective Space!  Not only do we have our HeadQuarters out in San Francisco but we now have an additional office in New York.  Located in the ever bustling neighborhood of Soho in Downtown Manhattan, we’re housed in a co-working space with 30 other tech startups and entrepreneurs.  It’s a huge honor to be amidst dynamic brands such as Wanderfly, Uber, Gojee and Yipit.  Created by the Wahba brothers – James, Johnny and Tim – the space is geared towards harnessing the energies of new bloods that allows them to continue growing.  That’s us!

The collaborative design of the space allows us to create individual zones to cater to our company’s own needs but still open enough to interact.  Take a look at the full list here and please start following them on Twitter – they’re all doing great things!