July 20, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Slava Rubin’s Six Action Steps Featured on Huffington Post


On the same day our ‘Get Funded’ panel took place at Space on White in Tribeca, New York, an article by our CEO and Founder, Slava Rubin, went live on the Huffington Post in the Small Business America portion of the site.  It proved a big day at Indiegogo in remembering that our product is about leveraging existing business ideas and supporting them to propel them forwards.  Our platform seeks to connect innovators and creators with a global audience in the hopes that their idea, dream or passion can continue to go on to do great things.

To quickly re-cap the article, here are six action steps recommended for a successful crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Create engaging video
  2. Identify exciting perks
  3. Set up tight deadlines
  4. Make it a team effort
  5. Share your campaign on social media
  6. Start a PR roll out

Small businesses are what has shaped the world’s business markets – some of the most revered and loved brands began as mom-and-pop shops, done without the use of the online business community we have access to today.  Imagine what new superstars can launch from using crowdfunding activity as a catalyst for their growth.

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