July 21, 2011 · Tips & Insights

5 Ways IndieGoGo Can Boost Your Event’s Success


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You may think of raising funds online and raising funds at live events (benefits, silent auctions, walks, bake sales) as two separate ballgames. But if you're currently in the planning stages of a live event designed to raise money for a cause, project, or organization, check out the ways in which IndieGoGo can help boost your event's success — without cannibalizing your funding base!

1. Pre-sell tickets and auction donations.

Rather than selling tickets through an event ticketing website, use IndieGoGo to pre-sell tickets in the form of perks given at a certain donation level. The added benefit? Funders might end up contributing more than their ticket price.

2. Drum up publicity and increase your 'share' factor.

IndieGoGo campaigns are a great way to publicize upcoming events and organizational news. Our dashboard allows you to create updates and notify supporters, and doing an IndieGoGo pre-event campaign gives you and your supporters something to Tweet about and share on Facebook.

3. Help cover event costs.

Events are expensive! From venue rental to decorations and supplies, events require upfront costs that take away from your bottom line. Be transparent with your supporters and let them know how they can help not only raise funds for your organization, but fund the cost of putting on an event designed to raise even more contributions!

4. Find volunteers.

People of limited means and generous spirits love the phrase, "If you're unable to donate money we can still use your time." Use your IndieGoGo campaign as a platform to find free hands for day-of event help.

5. Reach people who can't attend.

Not everyone is within driving distance of your live fundraiser. So use IndieGoGo as a way to reach those supporters who can't be there in the flesh. Remember to make some of your perks available to people who can't be there in person.

Are you planning a live event to support an IndieGoGo campaign, or vice versa? Tell us about it in the comments!

Photo courtsey Flickr user Lovely Lozenge.