Hey Creatives!  Do you have experience with crowdfunding or social media campaign development? Are you interested in using your skills to give back in a meaningful way? Give what you're good at by signing up for a Crowdfunding project through Catchafire! Our organization provides creative professionals like yourselves with opportunities to work on causes you are passionate about. IndieGoGo and Catchafire have partnered up to help these organizations use crowdfunding to fundraise and build capacity. 

Here's how it works!

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Why are Catchafire projects ideal for busy, creative professionals?

  • Customized projects – Catchafire delivers handpicked opportunities tailored to your professional skills and the causes you are passionate about
  • Flexibility – Give your skills manageably. Plan around your busy schedule on a project that requires 3-5 hours a week over 3 months or less
  • Professional development – You'll guide your organization through unfamiliar territory in your area of expertise and Catchafire projects make ideal case studies to build your professional portfolio
  • Networking opportunities – Meet professionals like you who excel at their jobs and are passionate about giving back

The best part? Your efforts will put in motion the Butterfly Effect – the philosophy that small actions can have much larger, reverberating effects for years to come. When you complete a project through Catchafire, you are only giving 3-5 hours of your time per week to an organization, but this contribution will have a massive impact on their ability to achieve their mission. You are not just developing a crowdfunding campaign - you're helping to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS, or develop youth leadership programs, or empower grassroots movements in Africa. In celebration of the Butterfly Effects created every day by their professionals, Catchafire began a Butterfly Effect blog series, featuring 60 organizations over 60 days and the impacts they have had, with the help of their pro bono professionals. Check out how creative professionals in your industry got involved.

Butterfly Effect

Ready to start finding your own butterfly effect? Check out some Catchafire projects and social good organizations that really need your help!

– by Alex Hsiao