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ERIN SPAHN Business Development

Erin is a recovered lawyer who still can’t give up the IP and contracts!  She’s traveled to 43 countries and considers herself a bit of an Africa aficionado. She loves surfing, salt and grease (popcorn and fries!), used to work in country music but really adores hip hop.  Her Golden Retriever, Abe, is her best buddy and her fiance is his veterinarian!

What do you think is the most compelling/interesting aspect of crowdfunding? 
It's such a meaningful technological and sociological advance in utilizing social networks, social media and personal relationships to amplify any idea or effort. Everyone and every organziation should be doing it! 

What five things do you want to personally make happen this next year?
Inspire music cause-related organizations and individuals to start campaigns to make their fondest desires a reality. Launch a campaign to help someone else. Launch a campaign to give life to an idea I've had for a long time.  Get my dad to launch a campaign to revitalize my home town.

Which place around the world do you dream of visiting and why? 
I want to take my fiancee (and soon to be husband!) on a safari/gorilla sighting in Southern Africa (Botswana, Kenya, South Africa).  It combines my passion for Africa, our shared love for nature, and his knowledge and love for great and small creatures.

Which big idea or inspiring person recently excited you with their creativity and why?
IndieGoGo's crowdfunding platform!  So much that I came to work here and want to tell everyone about it.

My next campaign on IndieGoGo will be for…  
I want to help my dear friend and fashion designer, Adam Radakovich, fund the dress he's so generously offered to design and create for my rehearsal dinner. It's just gone live too!