August 18, 2011 · Success Stories

Partner Spotlight: From The Heart Productions



From the Heart (FTH) is dedicated to supporting filmmakers to fund their films, supporting films that are unique and make contributions to society. All of FTH’s efforts are towards empowering artists and filmmakers to fund their art form, providing three grants a year at $30,000 each.  Prior winners of the grants include Salvages Lives, Barbara Leibovitz’s (Annie’s sister) first documentary film for Discovery. The Flute Player PBS, Stolen, Court TV, Miss Navaho, PBS, All Power to the People, Starz, A Girl & A Gun, BAM 6.6  and Women Behind the Lens.

President Carole Dean explains, ‘We began working as a fiscal sponsor in 2003 and are proud to fundraise for important documentaries, shorts and features.  We give them personal attention with private consultations and we help improve their trailers and proposals.  From giving our own grants, we know what funders look for in proposals and we share this information with our fiscally sponsored films.’

Further highlighting the partnership between IndieGoGo and FTH, Carol Dean goes on to state, ‘Crowdfunding is the future.  Understanding how to successfully mount a campaign is paramount to marketing and financing your art.  FTH has taken IndieGoGo’s information and included our knowledge of film financing to create a six-page outline for successful campaigns.  This is available to all our fiscally sponsored films along with free personal consultations on creating your IndieGoGo trailer, writing the copy and choosing your gifts.’

Here Carol talks us through some successful case studies:

Still Dreaming (went over their $20K goal)

Coyote Nights (at $5K goal can then shop for match funding)

George Henry Movie

From The Heart is currently pushing out a grant for $30K, proposals are due August 30th. Please review our partnership info & their website.

Carole Dean is also the author of The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts and The Art of Manifesting: Creating your Future.