Slava Rubin

Slava doesn’t drink coffee but loves Belgian Beer and the World Cup.  He can juggle, has traveled to over 50 countries, can cook a mean omelette and is a ninja flosser.

Here’s a list of his favorite things: Music Against Myeloma, indie film, Mount Everest, being Bi-Coastal, great friends, tea, Patagonia, 80's music, sushi, The Middle East, road trips, Coke, the Thai Islands, white water rapids, Cancer Sucks Socks, rugby, halibut, Volcanoes of Central America, BBQ, Thanksgiving, Japan, Buenos Aires, the Sahara Desert, sleeping late, Autumn, Ushuaia 

What do you think is the most compelling/interesting aspect of crowdfunding?
A quick, easy way to empower people with the tools to follow their passions and dreams.

What five things do you want to personally make happen this next year?
Team soccer game, Cook more, Teach my mom how to use an iPad, Cure cancer, Give away $1 a day to someone on the street.

Which place around the world do you dream of visiting and why? 
Iceland – seems like it would be fun to hike through the lunar landscape.

Which big idea or inspiring person recently excited you with their creativity and why?
Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely 

My next campaign on IndieGoGo will be for…  
Selling Cancer Sucks Socks for Music Against Myeloma.  Everyone likes comfy, cool socks.