It's Friday so we thought just before you slump into the weekend we thought we'd hit you up with some our most favored campaigns of the week!  

Danae/Founder & COO
Pastry Food Truck
French macaroons, yum! Looking forward to going to the Food Truck when we head to SXSW, will be exciting to see an IndieGoGo project come to life!  Their pitch video is quirky, funny and personality filled. 

David Varvel/Lead Developer
SBCL Thread Developing
Lisp is a programming language and one of my personal favorites. It's one of the few technologies that really inspires passion in programmers (both love and hate).  This guy's working on a very specific version of this programming language, so it's a niche inside a niche. Super cool, super geeky.  Great example of a project reaching out to a tiny but passionate community.

Erica/Marketing Director
Marine Biology Science Summer Camp
Who doesn't love summer camp and who doesn't want to swim with dolphins. I love anything that has to do with kids and water and this is it!

Erin/Business Development
Help the Haleys Have a Baby! 
Jessica's strength and courage is so inspiring! 

Kat/Content & Community
Korea's 10 Magazine Wants an Interactive Magazine 
This small business out in Seoul, Korea want to get their city guide magazine online!

Kate/Customer Happiness
Camp Diva: A New Approach to Building a Woman!
I grew up in a family with all girls, so I'm a huge fan of after-school programs that support young women!

Slava/Founder & CEO
Mr. & Mrs. Capulet

Because wouldn't it be funny to know what it would be like if Romeo & Juliet were married for 20 years?