It's Friday so we thought just before you slump into the weekend we thought we'd hit you up with some our most favored campaigns of the week!  

Danae/Founder & COO
Lex Garey Takes Australia
A case of six degrees of separation – Lex raises money on IndieGoGo for a conference in Australia. The organizers of his conference reach out to us about speaking an a different conference as a result of learning about Lex's campaign – small world!

Erica /Marketing Director
Support Laurens Kiva Fellowship
Love how folks use IndieGoGo to fulfill personal dreams they’re going to achieve through Kiva!

Erin/Business Development
The Pastor Marrion Fund
My best friend is from South Africa.  Heros and freedom fighters are beacons of light, and there is immediacy surrounding the need to keep this freedom fighter healthy!

Kat/Content & Community
Save the Indian Artisans
Dustin Jordan wants to raise funds to create an online marketplace that sells local Indian artisanal crafts and help keep microcultures alive!

Kate/Customer Happiness
The Fairy Tales
I'm particularly interested in what makes people happy.  I also love road trips and random gas station souvenirs!  

Slava/Founder & CEO
GUILDED: Where Philosophy Becomes Practice
These ladies are changing the face of Sustainable Design!