August 8, 2011 · Tips & Insights

The gogofactor & How to Get Featured on Our Homepage



We’re often asked by campaigners, ‘How can I get ‘Featured on the Homepage?’  Everyone has the chance to find real estate on the main page of our platform as well as kudos through our social media channels and this is all determined by YOU! The gogofactor is an algorithm that tracks activity – everything from how much gets funded on your campaign page, to promotions, comments and how frequently you update.   

Indiegogo is designed as an open platform and we’re proud to include anyone from around the world.  But the real work is rooted in how active you are.  Best expressed by Our COO/Founder Danae Ringelmann, ‘We believe in an even playing field where everyone has equal opportunity for success.  We feature and promote campaigns based on their gogofactor’.

Slava Rubin, our CEO/Founder supports, adding; ‘We don’t believe any one person should decide if your campaign deserves promotion.  Instead it’s YOU that has the power to earn your promotion.  Some campaigns get over 90% from complete strangers whilst others never earn a dollar.  The higher your gogofactor, the more promotion you get from Indiegogo, and the higher your chances are at earning the coveted Indiegogo effect!’

‘But wait, I’ve done all that!’ you say?  That means you’re rocking the internal drivers that you the campaign owner controls (frequency of updates, number of videos, the number of team members as part of your campaign) but this leaves the other 50% of factors up to the external activities (pageviews, number of funders, % of goal completed).  And remember, your position in the gogofactor chain is relative to how other campaigns are driving their activity.  So don’t fret, keep focused on your daily campaign activities and we’re confident you’ll rise fast!

Now, what happens once you’ve climbed up the ranks in our tracking system?  We shout you out on our Homepage, include you in our weekly newsletter, push you out onto our social media channels and your placement in some of our press initiatives in global publications. 

So keep talking to us on Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to keep checking our blog for more tips.  Go, Go, Goooo!

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