August 29, 2011 · IGG

SXSW 2012 Panels – Vote for IndieGoGo!


_sxs0313 March 2012 seems like aeons away considering we’re barely over summer, the East Coast is just dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and school hasn’t even opened its doors to the kids. But here at IndieGoGo we’re already prepping for our workshops!  As many of you know, SXSW Interactive/Film/Music is a cross-business platform which has launched countless filmmakers, musicians and even the likes of new technologies such as Twitter and Facebook.  Hard to image names that have become the everyday norm to leave our tongues were once foreign!  The SXSW Panel Picker Voting ends this Friday and we have three panels we’re excited to be presenting.  Take a read through, share the links and most of all please click the Thumbs Up button to VOTE!

1) Tips to Making Social Good Products and Features

Starring: Rob Wu – Causevox, Chris Dumas – FirstGiving, Ehren Foss – HelpAttack!, Josh Abdulla – LetGive and our very own, Erica Labovitz – IndieGoGo

Synopsis: Learn the secrets to creating killer applications and features for social good and cause marketing from a panel of experts who are taking different approaches to making the world better. If you are a startup or just have a cool idea, and you want to change the world of fundraising, then come meet some entrepreneurs who are building exciting products with radically different business models. See what they have done well and learn from their experiences. If you already have a product or application and want to build in some features that make the world better then this is your opportunity to gain fresh insight and, maybe, a couple of shortcuts.

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2) Social for Filmmakers: Distributing and Monetizing

Starring: David Novak – Odessa Films, Inc, Dana Harris – IndieWire, Jason Small – FanBridge and our very own, Adam Chapnick – Distribber, an IndieGoGo Company

Synopsis: Getting the word out about your film is just the beginning of your distribution effort. Find out about the tools you should be using to magnify, refine, and monitor your efforts. And for those that are not targeting a formal distributor, find out about tools that can help you monetize your product without a distributor.

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3) The Non-Monetary Benefits of Crowdfunding

Starring: Erica Labovitz – IndieGoGo

Synopsis: We know crowdfunding is an alternative way to raise money for an idea or business. Been there, done that. Now, learn how your crowdfunding campaigns can help you build your business from day one, even before one dollar is contributed. Of course we will tell you how to raise money, but also how to build an audience and validate your business idea all in one fell swoop. IndieGoGo, the pioneering crowdfunding platform based in San Francisco, will take you through the good, the bad and the future of crowdfunding. Hear stories of innovative entrepreneurs who are not only raising capital, but validating their share of market, building community and meeting their customers – before their product is even in exists.

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