It's the start of a new week after a long and incredible Labour Day Weekend – we thought we'd hit you up with some our most favored campaigns of the past week! 

Danae/COO & Founder
Help Blockodile Dundee Get to the World Cup!
This Australian project is my pick this week because who wouldn't want a personally crafted mixtape from one of the top Roller Derby players in the world!

Kate/Customer Happiness
Creative Digital Arts program for at-risk teens
This campaign empowers young people to express themselves through contemporary media and teaches them incredibly valuable professional skills. 

Kat/Content & Community
Greenhouse farming in Trinidad & Tobago
Urban farming isn't a trend in some parts of the world, it happens everyday!  This team of women want to build a greenhouse and a commercial produce farm. LET'S GROW!

Melissa/Visual Designer
Ride Like Iron, Skid Like Butter 
It's awesome to see a bike documentary that pays attention to some of the less popular two – (and one!) wheeled styles of getting around. LET'S RIDE BIKES!

Slava/CEO & Founder
The Witness Tree
Art meets Cause meets Amazing.