September 12, 2011 · Success Stories

6Qs with Derrick from New Creation Bakery


New Creation 2 
Q1.  Tell us about your campaign…. your inspiration, goals, why it’s important to you
A New Creation Bakery is a dream of Mr Jones, an amazing man who spent 20 over years caring and feeding the needy in the neighborhood of Washington Heights and Inwood through a soup kitchen he opened, NYC Love Kitchen. He makes some of the most delicious Carrot Cakes and German Chocolate Cakes in the world, and he wanted to start a bakery that would hire the chronically unemployed so that they could attain a specialized skill. This bakery would also generate profits to sustain the operations of the soup kitchen. Ultimately, this campaign is about turning this dream into a reality, and improving the lives of people in Washington Heights and Inwood.

Q2.  What were your ultimate goals with your funding campaign?  Who should care and why? 
We wanted to raise some money to buy some equipment and supplies to get the bakery started. Our ultimate goal however is to get our name and products out in the market, and hopefully generate enough positive buzz to get this business going. We are also hoping to attract investors who see the potential of this venture, and are willing to put in their money and expertise to help this bakery grow.

Q3.  How were you reaching, engaging and involving others?  Share your tactics, please!  
Post the link on all your Facebook friends' wall. Write a short message and urge them to chip in to your project. Make it personal so they know it is not a spam. Don't leave anyone out. Ask EVERYONE.

New Creation Bakery
Q4.  You're rocking the fundraising on IndieGoGo? What was working? What was not working?
Initially I wrote a bunch of long emails and sent it out to people who I thought were very likely to donate. I spent a great deal amount of time crafting those emails, but very few responded and eventually donated. I blame it on the length. I wrote way too much, and I think it turned people off. In this busy fast paced world, people want it short and quick. Be succinct and personal at the same time, which is why the facebook wall post is a great way of doing this.

Q5.  Any surprises or especially fun moments during your campaign that you'd like to share? 
At the end of the first week, we were only at $750 out of our goal of $5000. I was extremely demoralized and angry as many of the people I thought would donate just clicked "Like" on Facebook and left it at that. It was dark times… but guess what? We hit our target and even went passed it! And the people I mentioned before, actually donated towards the end as they were reminded of the deadline. Looking back, I almost wanted to give up. Good thing I didn't.

Q6.  Any tips / advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs, creators and project leaders like yourself?
Don't give up. Keep giving it your all. Fundraising is literally a full time job. I remember spending my entire day on Facebook just writing on people's wall and attaching the link. Also, share your woes and joys with your team, your family and your friends. They will support you through those tough times, and motivate you to keep trying even though you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. This campaign wouldn't have been a success if it wasn't for these people in my life who not only supported me in this venture financially, but also emotionally and spiritually. I cannot thank God enough for all these amazing people He has put in my life.