Danae/Founder & COO
FOOD –  Dunwell Donuts 
These vegan donut makers are adopting a PBS style approach to perks by charging a premium ($50 for 3 donuts), showing the flexibility of the platform.  Cool perk idea: name a donut! 

Erica/Marketing Director
COMMUNITY – Dan Friesen Fire Relief 
This campaign is helping a friend out after a fire, but still adding humor and applying all the great elements of a fundraising campaign.

Kat/Content & Community
FILM - The Road to Q'ero: A Journey Home
This documentary chronicles the journey of a New York family as they accompany a priest to the Peruvian Andes, interviewing him and his tribe on their thoughts for 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar).

Nic/Marketing Analyst
DESIGN – Let's Design An End To Poverty is a non-profit who is providing innovative design solutions for in-need and poverty stricken communities. In addition to the impactful work they are doing providing clean water and sanitation systems to people who really need them, they are building open, transparent toolkits to keep the useful information flowing and accessible. There's a lot of potential here!

Nicholas/Web Developer
TECHNOLOGY – Truismo Web App 
It'll be great if this app catches on and manages to incentivize good behavior among businesses.  But I have one suggestion: the app should list specific socially irresponsible actions that businesses have taken as well.

Slava Rubin/Founder & CEO
Kitzel's Crazy Delicious Delicatessen 
I love my jewish delis.