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5 Steps on How to Increase Your Twitter Followers



There are up to ten ways online you can digitally push out updates for your IndieGoGo campaign. Whilst it’s best to include a mix of promotional channels, Twitter has proven to be an effective facet to online promotional activity.  Crowdfunding contributions can come virally from beyond your networks if you discover the nodes in your network that are enticed by the subject of your idea, passion business or invention.  Remember that Twitter is an eco-system of voices all fighting to be heard and much like real-time conversations, you need to engage, sit back and listen at times and be sure to speak.

Does size matter?  There are a range of available data tracking tools available to observe how your efforts correlate with hits to your campaign page.  However the number only possesses value if it translates into a contribution or a re-post of your campaign link. Who is really listening to you?  By focusing on individuals who can connect with you as an individual Tweeter and the voices behind them, you can build an audience that is the right one.

We’ve outlined five steps to improve your volume of followers:

1. Interact with local bloggers
Identify journalists in your space who hold a large following and engage by sporadically sharing links to your IndieGoGo campaign or articles from your blog that relate to your goal. Should they reply to your content you can attract their followers, curious to explore othere parties in the conversation thread.

2. Create content that has legs
Aim to create an insightful blog post that can stick to an audience.  Design a strategy that encourages readers to follow you for more updates on how the information develops in subsequent posts.

3. Become a curator
By sharing links from power Tweeters online and including your own sentiments, you can become a leader of information in your own space.

4. Engage, engage, engage
Micro-blogging is considered snippets of a digital conversation, therefore program regular time to mine through various Twitter conversations.  This will lead you to individuals who could eventually become supporters of your campaign.  What are they talking about? Do the links they share resonate with your own? Does your campaign serve their own needs in some way? Clowning Around was a British film campaign that created 51 updates via their campaign page in the form of video updates and blog posts, pushed out on Twitter, Google +, Linked In and Facebook.  This type of continuous interacting led them to exceed their goal of $7500 by $1400.

5. Join the Trending conversations
The hash tag function has the unique ability to join up communities from particular verticals.  Launch an online discussion with friends and create a tag that reflects your campaign.  You can also research which words are buzzing to inform your efforts by using a tool such as Twitscoop.

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